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  1. Many thanks for your help very much appreciated.
  2. My debt with AMEX is £5243.17. 20 years old. Today i received a letter from AMEX stating the following. NOTICE OF REFERRAL TO EXTERNAL COLLECTION AGENCY The account has been CANCELLED and all amounts outstanding on the account are now payable in full. Your account has been transferred to an external collection agency NCO NCO will be responsible for collecting the outstanding amount on behalf of AMEX Could you please offer me any advice on how to proceed.
  3. I have checked all the paperwork they sent me and it was my signature and dated correctly.
  4. Yes it was a copy of the original application form.
  5. What advice would you give about Amex. Should i set up a payment plan directly with them or wait until they contact me. I have not had any letters from amex for 1 year and NCO have only contacted me in the last few weeks. Many thanks for your help. Just to mention my only income is the state pension.
  6. It states on all the letters that amex is the client.
  7. Would appreciate some advice. I had £53K OF DEBT as of Feb 2019. I sent cca requests and 14 of 15 creditors stated they had no paperwork and was unenforceable. I ditched Payplan and stopped paying creditors and 5 of them sent me a letter writing the debt off......zero balance. Only one creditor produced the CCA AMEX. I sent an SAR request and they sent me all the documents including my original application form signed by me. I stopped paying all creditors Feb 2019 including AMEX via NCO EUROPE. I have had no contact from AMEX direc
  8. started checking the statements but all my accounts are in US DOLLARS $ not BRITISH £ ?
  9. UPDATE received a great big parcel 1000 documents from amex in response to sar....most are statements. What do i do with this information? I have not had any letters from any creditors for over 4 weeks and i have stopped all payments. Amex is now the only one to provide a cca so i presume i should restart payments to them. Should i offer them a full and final? thanks.
  10. UPDATE Last week i received 2 letters from Cabot stating that 2 accounts were Unenforceable as they do not have the paperwork. Today i received a further 2 letters about these accounts thanking me for contacting them and at my request they have set up a repayment plan. Please note i have never made contact with Cabot. They have told me if i do not make the payments on Feb 16th they will take action to recover the full debt in one go. Any advice appreciated.
  11. I have sent an SAR to amex and i will continue to make monthly payments direct to them.
  12. i have already sent a cca to amex and they sent documents which i have already uploaded.
  13. Question for what reason am i requesting an SAR? Just a quick note amex stated in a covering letter that as the card was cancelled in 2005 they no longer hold any details of interest charges applied to the account. I will upload the letter in a few moments. This is the letter. 123 letter.pdf
  14. I have no statements never received any. My debt via NCO EUROPE (amex) is £5214.44
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