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  1. started checking the statements but all my accounts are in US DOLLARS $ not BRITISH £ ?
  2. UPDATE received a great big parcel 1000 documents from amex in response to sar....most are statements. What do i do with this information? I have not had any letters from any creditors for over 4 weeks and i have stopped all payments. Amex is now the only one to provide a cca so i presume i should restart payments to them. Should i offer them a full and final? thanks.
  3. UPDATE Last week i received 2 letters from Cabot stating that 2 accounts were Unenforceable as they do not have the paperwork. Today i received a further 2 letters about these accounts thanking me for contacting them and at my request they have set up a repayment plan. Please note i have never made contact with Cabot. They have told me if i do not make the payments on Feb 16th they will take action to recover the full debt in one go. Any advice appreciated.
  4. I have sent an SAR to amex and i will continue to make monthly payments direct to them.
  5. i have already sent a cca to amex and they sent documents which i have already uploaded.
  6. thanks for your help will send a request.
  7. Question for what reason am i requesting an SAR? Just a quick note amex stated in a covering letter that as the card was cancelled in 2005 they no longer hold any details of interest charges applied to the account. I will upload the letter in a few moments. This is the letter. 123 letter.pdf
  8. I have no statements never received any. My debt via NCO EUROPE (amex) is £5214.44
  9. would it be worth offering full and final and what should i offer. thanks
  10. I have been paying NCO Europe Ltd (amex) through Payplan £12.09 every month for the past 15 years. pro rata between all creditors. they have frozen all int and charges Estimated completion date: * 30/04/2055 I will be 103 years old.
  11. NCO Europe Ltd (american express) Now that they provided the documentation should i now recommence my monthly payments?
  12. 73061

    Uploaded documents Amex

    i received the documents by special delivery direct from AMEX. They sent me a copy of my original application form signed in 1999 which was correct.
  13. Here are the documents as requested in previous post. Is this legit? Scanned_20190131-2054.pdf
  14. UPDATE Lowell Financial Ltd.....Received a letter today and they have closed the account and written off the debt in full. NCO Europe Ltd (american express).......after 4 weeks received a SPECIAL RECORDED DELIVERY today with all the documentation including my original signed application form 50 pages so i still owe them £5214.44 I am still with Payplan but did not make my monthly payment. Any advice appreciated thanks.
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