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  1. Thanks. N180 completed as per your linked post and sent by email just now to: [email protected], [email protected] Copy for Lowells ready to go for posting first thing Mon morning (requesting proof of postage).
  2. Ahh, actually I'm wrong, just checked "recent transactions" on MCOL and it says: DQ sent to you on 21/03/2021 DQ filed by claimant on 21/03/2021 Interestingly done on a Sunday!
  3. Acknowledgement of receipt on MCOL ("Your defence was received on 15/02/2021 at 16:05:19"), but nothing in writing. It's possible they keep sending letters to my old address as that is listed on MCOL and I can't change it online, though I have twice had it confirmed from them via email that they have updated my record with my new address. This morning I received a letter from Lowell Solicitors with a copy of the directions questionnaire. Haven't had opportunity to look through in detail yet (will be doing so tonight), but note they have agreed to mediation and also that they reques
  4. It's now 35 days since my defence was received by MCOL and I have heard nothing at all. Nor have there been any updates on MCOL.
  5. Yes BankFodder, I did email them twice to their usual email addresses - they haven't replied - despite replying to other emails I have sent to those email addresses. Manxman, you raise a good point about perhaps nothing being signed for right now - I guess that's the reason - and thanks for the insight re: signed for and 1st class - I'll take that on board for future. I guess I'll just wait until the 10 days are up from me sending the letter (Mon) and then proceed with a letter of claim and then issue the court claim.
  6. Worryingly, the signed for letter has still not been received/signed for by Rapha, despite it being sent 7 days ago. I'll look into contacting Royal Mail to find out what's going on, but presumably the fact that I had emailed twice to their main customer services email addresses (from which I have previously had many communications), will be okay for the purpose of 'contacting them within 30 days?'
  7. Thanks BankFodder. I sent the letter signed for on Friday, but it's not been received/signed for yet. So presumably the 10 days is from when they receive it? Just to be clear, you're saying I should still start s75 now anyway (and not wait 10 days), correct?
  8. Thanks guys - really helpful and useful info. I'll take a look at the customer services guide and start a s75 process. I never call on the phone and always email or write, but yes I know if I do call then I need to record it I'm pretty certain it's a credit card, but that's a good heads-up so will check that too. I guess I'll see when I look into the s75 process with Amex, but I ordered more than just the one item so it would be for only a part of the transaction (the other was returned and refunded), I assume this shouldn't pose any additional problem? (Ye
  9. Okay, letter drafted and will send signed for and also send via email in an hour. Thanks thus far and I'll update when I hear more.
  10. Okay, I'll hold off returning, but was conscious of the 30 days limit approaching (next Wed I believe will hit that). I paid by Amex credit card. I will send a letter signed for today and reference my emails. In my first email I stated the following and included two images of the fault: Presumably if I state again something like the above and mention I am rejecting the item, this will be adequate? Thanks.
  11. Thanks dx. Are there any previous examples/templates for requesting them not to email me? If not I'll draft something and ask for feedback here, but I don't know if there's any specific laws/regulations I need to reference or specific content that should be included.
  12. As per the title really. I bought "Men's Pro Team Winter Tights with Pad II" for £175 and they arrived on 8th Feb. I wore twice and washed immediately after wearing. I then saw that the stitching had come undone from the seam significantly, unravelling up the leg. They are no longer fit for purpose in my opinion. Am I entitled to a full refund? From my initial research it would seem if I return them within 30 days of receipt I may be, but I am unsure as they did not arrive to me faulty, but after I wore them. Nevertheless, is this not 'unfit for purpose'? I contacted Ra
  13. Thanks. Not sure how they got my email address. Maybe from Eon? But I don't remember disclosing it. I don't understand what you mean by cut that off or when the disclosure stage is. Can you explain please?
  14. Received an email very recently from an individual at Lowell who cc’d their ‘complex team.’ They note receipt of my defence and then a few points made: 1) There’s enough info for you to ‘identify the agreement’ 2) You accept you were at property; we’ve given you the final bill, final balance not paid. 3) Checking whether dispute ongoing with client… final bill itemised, yes they were estimated, can you confirm you provided meter readings? 4) Blah blah, you are liable. 5) Evidence of liability provided via final bill. 6) Original ag
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