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  1. Hi, I would really appreciate some advice regarding a CCJ. Background; 1. A credit card debt of £561.38 was sold to MKDP by HSBC IN 2012, this appeared as a default the same year; 2. I made a CCA request in 2012; 3. I received a copy of statement of account but no CCA. I have 10 letters dated from 15/11/2012 to 24/09/2013 informing me that they are still liaising with the original creditor and waiting for a response from them. To date I have still not received a CCA; 4. On the 08/04/2015 a CCJ was entered against me, how were they able to do this, as I thought the debt was unenforceable without the CCA? 5. Last week I receive a letter from Robinson Way and a Notice of Assignment saying the debt now belongs to them. The CCJ is still showing on my credit file as MKDP. Any advice on the best way to tackle this debt would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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