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  1. Hi BankFodder, I am happy to go with the response you drafted, however I dont have the name of the member of staff. He actually told me in confidence to go this rout (take the bank to court).
  2. Yes they are holding about £4800. they offered to pay £690 being the amount they are satisfied that I can prove ownership of. There is no marker against my credit file or CIFAS against my name. I did an SAR already. I am out of pocket and have had to periodically rely on friend/family to pay some bills.
  3. We went through mediation before the case was allocated. Santander maintained they did the right thing by withholding the balance and I held my ground. This was quite early in the life of the case.
  4. Hi Team, Santander sent me an email yesterday, asking to repeat the mediation process all over again....
  5. i am just confused by some of things on the document 1. pay trial fee or provide properly completed application 2. The case is suitable for mediation. We have already done both. I have re/written the Letter of Claim and we have already been through mediation with no success. do I just disregard and go ahead to make the payment or do I have to go through mediation process again? Thanks for your support.
  6. Hello Team, I received a letter from the court yesterday which was a bit confusing. The Judge seems to be starting the process all over again. newcourtorder2.pdf newcourtorder3.pdf newcourtorder1.pdf
  7. Hi Team, a brief update. The court ordered Santander to respond to the amended POC. I have attached their response here.Amended Defence FINAL (for service).docx
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