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  1. Thanks Andyorch. do you know where I can lay my hands on a sample Letter of Claim that I can leverage please?
  2. Hi Andyorch, thanks for your response. I have gone through the CEO channel with multiple correspondence (letters) to no avail hence the choice to go to court.
  3. thanks all for the responses so far. could anyone please confirm: 1. whether the small claims court route is the right way to go 2. The small claims court process (and forms) to go through. 3. documents and templates I can use in the library or other similar cases appreciate your support and assistance. Thanks B-Bunch
  4. to prove I actually sold the car. I have resolved to go to court and the SAR shows all the notes on the account. The fraud department flagged this and despite all entreaties, they refused to release the money. The buyer has send across a screenshot of his bank statement and I have the sales receipt showing I sold the car. I have also asked DVLA for confirmation. Do you know which legislation I can rely on please and which forms to use as I think I have all I need to show proof of legitimacy i.e. 1. Sales receipt (Issued by me to buyer) 2. Bank statement Screenshot
  5. Hi dx, thanks for your response. they haven't touched my credit file actually and I have all receipts and a proof from the buyer (screenshot of bank statement). They asked to see a V5C and I told them that I don't have it, this is the bone of contention. They have now closed the account but still refuse to issue a check for my balance.
  6. Hello CAGgers, I have a question on how to proceed with reclaiming money from Santander please. The bank closed my account due to an inflow (£3k) which came from a car sale and have refused to release the money to me. The account has been closed and we have been on the matter for over 60 days and I am about to go to court. I have obtained an SAR from the Santander and I can see that the account was flagged and then closed on advice from the fraud team. What is baffling is the fact that they refused to release my money. I would like to know whic
  7. Hello CAG family, I am happy to say that the matter has been resolved satisfactorily. Cant say much more... Big thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement.
  8. I am with you on that, however I am wondering if I should insert a time limit for the removal of the entry. Not sure if they are very good at keeping their promise on that front
  9. Hi Slick/CAG Family, Quick update on the case. Barclays rep have made an offer around 50% of the value of my claim plus a promise to remove default entry on file. I am quite particular about the latter. Any ideas or suggestions from the house welcome. thanks
  10. Hi Slick/ CAG family, mediation happened on the 10th but we couldnt reach an agreement. Barclays offered a third of the original claim and did not commit to expunge the adverse credit record on my credit file. time to start wok on the court bundle.
  11. Hi Slick/All, Mediation has been fixed for 10th March. Ideas and suggestions welcome. Best Regards BB
  12. I sent the full POC to Barclays and I also filed a copy with the CCMCC in Northampton and they confirmed receipt. I also have proof of postage. I used MCOL hence I did not have to deal with Salford. Their defence has quite a number of untruths.
  13. Hi Slick/CAG family, I have received the defendants defence and the DQ. I accepted the mediations and SMT. Any comments, ideas, suggestions welcome. best BB
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