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  1. Hello CAG family, I am happy to say that the matter has been resolved satisfactorily. Cant say much more... Big thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement.
  2. I am with you on that, however I am wondering if I should insert a time limit for the removal of the entry. Not sure if they are very good at keeping their promise on that front
  3. Hi Slick/CAG Family, Quick update on the case. Barclays rep have made an offer around 50% of the value of my claim plus a promise to remove default entry on file. I am quite particular about the latter. Any ideas or suggestions from the house welcome. thanks
  4. Hi Slick/ CAG family, mediation happened on the 10th but we couldnt reach an agreement. Barclays offered a third of the original claim and did not commit to expunge the adverse credit record on my credit file. time to start wok on the court bundle.
  5. Hi Slick/All, Mediation has been fixed for 10th March. Ideas and suggestions welcome. Best Regards BB
  6. I sent the full POC to Barclays and I also filed a copy with the CCMCC in Northampton and they confirmed receipt. I also have proof of postage. I used MCOL hence I did not have to deal with Salford. Their defence has quite a number of untruths.
  7. Hi Slick/CAG family, I have received the defendants defence and the DQ. I accepted the mediations and SMT. Any comments, ideas, suggestions welcome. best BB
  8. Hi Slick, My mortgage broker did. I am claiming about £1700 as at today as against a default balance of £492. When I filed the POC the £492 was outstanding with the DCA but I have cleared that now. is it possible to amend the POC to reflect this? Thanks BB
  9. Hi Slick, Thanks for your response. The first statement was a typo. I have settled the default as a condition to get a mortgage approval. This wasn`t the case when I initially filed my POC and I would like to know how to reflect this change the POC. The image posted is N244 I received from the solicitors and it contains some mis-statetements.
  10. Hi Slick, 1, I have repaid the default charges to the bank as I am applying for a mortgage: how do I change the POC to reflect this please? 2, Yes it is N244 from MAB representing barclays Best Regards
  11. Hello Slick and the whole CAG family, I received the attached letter from MAB solicitors last week, after I missed the chance to get a judgement by default. They are claiming that they havent received the POC, however I sent it to Barclays and I have proof of receipt/delivery. I would also like advice on what to do with the POC as I have paid the default amount to the CCA as a condition for the a mortgage.Should I notify the court and the defendant? Thanks guys
  12. Hi Slick, Thanks for responding to the PMs. I didnt really read enough cases on here to understand the implications of the judgement by default. My understanding was that the defendant can still apply for the judgement to be set aside even if i did obtain a judgement by default. I was only prepared for the "usual" path that I have encountered here. I will keep you updated.
  13. Hi Slick, apparently MCOL claims now go to Northampton and I am required to serve barclaycard a copy of the poc and also submit an N215. This morning, i received a response from barclays external solicitors asking for the POC
  14. Hi Slick. quick question please. do i have to send the POC to barclays directly? I indicated that on the online MCOL form.
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