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  1. Thank you everyone! I think I will definitely write a complaint, thank you for the address too.
  2. Just got back a letter saying "we write to advise that we have completed our internal investigation and can confirm that our client has withdrawn it's claim in it's entirety" does this mean my friend still has to pay the fine? I only got sent this letter.
  3. The CCTV won't show her doing it as she doing in the changing room cubicle, I went in a different one. So won't show it all.. The only reason they called us back in was because they thought we were walking around "suspiciously" because we went to different floors and I put something back quickly because the shop was closing and the lights went off so had no time to pay. They then called us back in, found nothing on me but a stolen handbag on her then detained both of us, he said I was just as guilty because I was "with her"
  4. Also do you think RLP will actually look at the CCTV and send me a letter clearing my name or not? Do they do this?
  5. They said I have to be involved as I was detained with her, we walked out the shop together. Before and after we were in the changing rooms we were with two others so they should technically be as guilty as I would have been but because they left earlier they got nothing. But thank you everyone! It's made me feel more settled knowing
  6. Thank you, I'm just so worried that they could turn around and say I was involved because we went into the changing rooms together although in seperate cubicles. Do you think they will clear my name? Some said that they won't even bother sending CCTV?
  7. Will primark send the CCTV, my mum rang primark to try and clear my name, this is why they said they will send the CCTV to RLP and let them decide within a week.. My mum threatened that if they don't clear my name and don't have proof I helped her she would take it to the papers.. however would they take us to court? If so what would come out of it being taken to court?
  8. My friend was caught stealing at primark, we were with two others, these two left the shop 10 minutes before we did, because I had to pay so my friend that stole come with me. She stole goods worth £10 in the changing rooms at primark, they got given back with no damage. I wasn't in the changing room with her so had nothing to do with it. We were then detained as we left the shop, they told her she would get a RLP fine without contacting police. They phoned both our parents so they could "release" us. They only told her she would get the fine. We're also banned for 6 months and will get
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