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  1. Hi dx, Thank you for your response, the date on the claim form was 29th Jan. Was I wrong to call them and pay it? Thanks.
  2. Hi Everyone, I had a HSBC bank account from the age of 9/10 when I reached 18 they offered me a credit card with nice credit limit of £2500, along with an overdraft of £1000, stupidly at a naive age of 18 I used both of them to their full advantage, making payments every month. Unfortunately a few years later I reached a financial hardship for my age, earning only a low wage and having split from a partner I was living with, I found myself in a house share paying most of my wages to live and eat, also (stupidly in hindsight) taking out Wonga loans to make ends meet, because HSBC were charging me bank charges on top of bank charges. I quickly spiralled into debt land with everything including both my HSBC Credit Card and bank account, luckily I had a second account with Halifax where I could have my wages paid into without it being eaten up with bank charges. My debt with HSBC was soon 'sold' onto their made up 'solicitors' - Restons, and also 'Metropolitan Collections' which I also believe is a subsidiary of HSBC. 6 months into this my mother offered me a place to stay, and I was far to embarrassed to tell her the extent of my debt at the time, 1 day the bailiffs came knocking on her door to advise that I had been ignoring HSBC and not made any payments. My mother and step father sat me down and I vowed to set up a payment plan to avoid this embarrassment for them again and I stuck to this for at least 18 months or so. I was lucky to meet my now fiancé who helped me out a great deal by paying off what I thought was the remaining debt with HSBC, and I found myself back on track. It wasn't until yesterday I came home to an ominous looking letter on my doorstep, advising me that 'Reston Solictors' have issued a Count Court Claim form for the unpaid account for my HSBC Credit Card, which I admit on my part was forgotten about as I thought I had paid them off and never thought to check. As I'm still only young (26) this is the first I've seen of one of these and it really left me shaken at the thought of having to go to court, I called CAB and they were helpful in advising my options with the form to which I made a decision that I want to get rid of it completely and called 'Restons Solicitors' today to settle the account with £772.00. In a matter of curiosity I opened an experian account this evening to check my credit score, I notice two defaults on my account, for both aforementioned HSBC accounts. This has really shaken me again as we're looking to take out a mortgage next year to buy our first marital home. My question to the knowledgeable people of this forum is, am I in any position to make a complaint to HSBC that I don't agree with these defaults as the root cause of the debt initially was due to bank charges which I couldn't pay, it states they were issued in 2011 and I have no recollection of these (does anyone else remember any post they received 5 years ago?!) or - are they quite right to do this to me, for my own stupidity? Thank you very much in advance and thank you for reading my rather lengthy life story post! Also to ask if anyone knows - If both my fiancé and I apply for a mortgage once we're married next year, and he has an impeccable credit score, would the defaults on my account still affect any applications?
  3. Thanks Slick, wasn't too sure of the protocol with new threads etc. I had a nose around after I posted and I'm pleased to see I'm not the only one being hounded for something so petty, they're clearly just bullies.
  4. Hi everyone, I've just registered to add to this thread as I am in the exact same position, I registered in Jan '14 with a 12 month contract of £9.99 a month, I attended the gym a handful of times throughout the year so when it came to the end of my 12 months I rang to cancel and they advised I send a letter, which I did in the same structure as above. I heard nothing within a week or so of sending so I cancelled the direct debit at the end of January after my 12th payment had been taken. I still hadn't heard anything until about 2 weeks ago (3 months after cancelling) when I received a letter from 'CRS' demanding me to pay £207.47, now my maths isn't brilliant but £9.99 times 3 does not equal £207.47. According to them this is an administration fee? They've tried calling me and sent another letter stating I quote "We are disappointed that your account with Xercise 4 Less is still in arrears and our fee has not been paid." I'd absolutely love to know where their 'fee' figure has come from! So I haven't had any contact whatsoever with them, ignoring their calls and not responding to their ridiculous letters or voicemails, could anyone tell me what the best course of action is as I don't want this sitting on my credit file, nor do I want to receive threatening letters for months to come. Thank you in advance
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