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  1. i have not asked yet, I asked to pay Paypal...I thought there was some kind of protection there and I paid them Paypal in the past.
  2. Dear all, I am in a quandery. I need to purchase some material from a company based in France. They are the only ones that can supply this kind of material. They were previously based in Uk and I had worked with them before with no issues whatsoever. I was just about to purchase the material (decorative material for a Christmas display, for my very small business) when I saw this disclaimer on their website 'DELIVERY I am now feeling quite uneasy as if the material disappear it would i be my loss, and I have no control o
  3. I rent a garage from a large Housing Association in London, and I have for many years. The garage is in a cul-de-sac with few others, and the entrance is through a small path between two houses. I live in a different area and I use it for storage. A few months ago I found a pillar bar installed at the beginning of the path. I contacted the landlord, thinking that they had installed the bar, to get a copy of the key. In fact, I tried unsuccessfully to contact the responsible area manager for nearly a month, with countless phone calls and messages left w
  4. Hello. I have submitted a Paypal claim under 'transaction not authorized'. I was not sure which option to use and I thought that, as I had cancelled the order within the Terms and Condtion of the company, the subsequent transaction would not be authorized. Paypal has refused and closed the case. I no longer have the option to try and claim under 'item not received'. now I have no money and no fabric for an order that I cancelled, and still no contact from the company whatsoever. What are my options and next step now? Thank you for any adv
  5. BankFodder, first of all thank you so much for taking the time to research and explain. It was very helpful. It seems a lot of hassle, and may even end up paying more. However, I am mighty annoyed at their complete lack of response. I have already tried to call Paypal a number of times but their UK phone seems to be disconnected. The only option I have is to go through the Resolution Centre and choose option 'item non delivered'. Would going through this process first compromise a future legal action? If that doesn't work I will ge back here and star
  6. Value of the fabric about £25. Not much, but something, for me. It says about the 30 minutes and there is a phone number which only had a recorded message and no way to leave a message therefore I emailed them. https://www.fabricland.co.uk/information/orders-and-returns/ Is my first port of call Paypal anyway? I do not have the item anyway, as it is back with the delivery company, therefore it has not been delivered.
  7. Hi. I know about the cutting of the fabric, and fabric shop would not accept fabric after cutting. It also says on their website that customers can cancel an order with 30 minutes of placing it. I cancelled 2 minutes after placing it so it should not have been processed at all. Doesn't that give me any right? They also processed the order two weeks later, so they had plenty of time (and emails) to stop before cutting. Thank you
  8. Hi, the delivery from yesterday was APC, today is DHL. Do you mean the company I bought from? It is a large online fabric shop Cris
  9. Hi dx100uk I paid with Paypal balance. It wasn't Ebay, it was an online transaction with a retail shop. The option I have on Paypal are 'item not as described', which is clearly not applicable, and 'item not received'. Could I use 'itmen not received' as in fact I did not receive it as I refused it, as it was should not have been sent in the first place? I could not take it and send it back, I cannot go out of the house at the moment and therefore I though it best to leave it with the courier. Cris
  10. More than 2 weeks ago I've order some fabric online. 2 minutes after placing the order I cancelled (via email) as I realized I made a mistake. For two weeks I repeatedly tried to contact the seller to cancel the order. I never had a reply, either via email or phone. Two weeks later I had a notification of process and dispatch, and again I emailed back. No reply. Today I refuse to accept the order and asked the delivery driver to take it back. I paid with Paypal, not sure how to go about it as on the Resolution Centre there isn
  11. Thank you all. Writing to the CEO now, without waiting for the original SAR then? Sounds like a plan. Cristina
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