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  1. Thank you all. Writing to the CEO now, without waiting for the original SAR then? Sounds like a plan. Cristina
  2. Does anyone know how I can get in contact with the relevant department at TKMAXX?
  3. I am not sure...it just says 'settlement offer'. The address and phone number are for Capital Resolve. Cristina
  4. A letter from Capital Resolve ( on behalf of TK MAXX) arrived, not addressed to me. When first moved here I regularly received letters and visits from bailiffs and police for people who are using my address fraudulently. In the past, I sometimes sent the correspondence back to the sender, a few I ignored, sometimes I called the various companies, and more than once had to explain to whoever came knocking on the door etc. However, after a particularly bad experience in the past with an enforcer from Marston (I posted here about it and got help!), I am cautious about just sending back closed envelopes or calling the company, giving my name etc . How can I nip this in the bud? Cristina
  5. I have now received acknowledgement of receipt of complaint for Marston, hopefully that should calm things down for now. I'll do a Statutory Declaration tomorrow just in case. Many many thanks!
  6. I don't know, didn't see anything. I did not, I was not prepared for it. I just emailed you. My car is parked away for tonight. Regarding statutory declaration. do I have to do one for every item I possess?? I have to add that I don't know which court they are acting on behalf of, they did not say and the letter only says Her Majesty's Court and Tribunals
  7. Last week I had visit from Marston bailiffs, for something related to a previous tenant, who lived here more than 3 years ago but still uses this address fraudulently . The bailiff was quite intimidating and hostile, I did not open the door at first, then foolishly did to show him a letter from the Council address to me and my passport. He refused both documents as proofs and tried to get in, first 'to check that I was living alone', then when I refused he jammed his foot in the door. I stopped him getting in by ringing 999, who did not want to attend but stayed on the phone with me until I found the Tenancy Agreement. He stayed by the door outside with the foot in and left after checking the tenancy (for about 3 minutes and VERY hostile). Day after I tried to report it to the police but they refused to get a statement (it's a civil matter'..), I called Marston to ask them if they needed anything else, just to make sure this was cleared (and yes I do know now I should not have) and they told me that to clarify the matter I needed to call the same officer and gave me the number. i called him (recorded the phone call) and he said that matter was closed. Fast forward 4 days later another letter arrive for the same debtor, I opened it and its Marston with an enforcement notice. So I called them again and was told to send proof of tenancy in, which I did. For two days now there had been a car parked with someone inside for hours, (black windows) facing my entrance, landing and windows, and a neighbour told me that Friday someone was taking photos of my car, all around and inside as well as taking picture of my landing and window. Now, I know that theoretically they cannot take things from me including my car, I am the registered keeper and the owner (I don' t have a receipt for the sale, old second hand years ago) but I read situations in which they take anyway and then is up to the victim to clarify things or in same cases pay anyway just to get them off. It looks like they do not believe me, perhaps they saw my partner leaving the flat (who does not live here) or maybe they just need to seize anything, I don't know. I am pretty worried and I am considering parking away from my home, even if I am paying for the space here. How do I deal with these morons? Is it true that he can claim I let him in peacefully because he used the foot technique and now has the right to enter the flat? Thank you
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