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  1. ok brilliant, Thank you. Do I write to this solicitors or to NPG?
  2. Has anyone been taken to court by this company? From reading previous posts, they seem to get fed up and do not take it any further?
  3. Hi, They are saying I parked without displaying a permit. Each office building has certain allocated spaces that the buildings own. I parked in a space for a building that is currently occupied and up for sale so we used those spaces as they were not being used. It is in Drakes Walk, Waterfront 2000, Cardiff Bay. I am unsure who owns it. My colleagues has not received this type of letter but have received numerous yellow and red ones from new generation. The solicitor letter is from parking in September 2014. I have received
  4. I have not replied as my colleagues have received about 10 of these each- I have only ever received one. They just kept saying to ignore them. Its the first time, I have looked on there and even knew a Popla code existed- not 100% sure still what it is
  5. I have received a letter from Wright Hassall solicitors now after ignoring them since September. I am worried about the CCJ part as stated in the letter. I have been advised to keep ignoring the letter. What is your advise?
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