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  1. Thank you guys, finally had a letter asking for £700 within 30 days or £2000 within 60 days or full 7000 after 90 days, but at bottom of letter it states this debt is statute barred and they can't take me to court. Thanks again. I'll upload the letter later
  2. I dont believe they are right, but if it was would that statute barred letter restart the clock ? Thank you so very much for your help
  3. Think i have done it �� 14_06_2018 19_41 Office Lens.pdf
  4. Hi there, i have now had a response (PAP) from intrum legal department. Statement showing payments with the last one being 16/03/2012 and my statute barred letter was 18/02/18. But this does not seem right to me. The last PAP was from moon beever on behalf of 1st credit who i sent my statute barred letter too. Ive tried to get a statement off my old debt management company to see what they paid out but they went bust with £2000 of my money in 2014. But i stopped paying them in 2011 and they stopped paying my creditors soon after i stopped paying them as the bad letters started again. Please help. Can anyone please email me as i cant seem to upload the document on here to show you, i only have a phone to do this on. Alvesy82atgmail.com
  5. Thankyou for the reply, you have put my mind at rest till the next letter
  6. Got the app and scanned it, been trying to convert to pdf but cant for the life of me work out how to do it . Shall i type the whole letter up
  7. So even going off their lies it will be SB in 2 weeks anyway ? Or have i ackowledged it now ? Guess im just waiting for their proof now ?
  8. Im doing all this on phone so cant scan up, dont have a computer, sorry, i could photo it or type word for word if needed
  9. It says i took agreement out in 2005, defaulted in 2009 and last payment made to them by me on 14 march 2012, debt assigned to them oct 2015. Then states it could take a number of weeks to get the documentation i requested ? I am certain i made no payment in 2012 So they're saying im less that 3 weeks from it being statute barred ? Was the SB letter acknowledging it ? Help...
  10. Ah yes, id already read that but it just didnt sink in. So they can still harass me but its unlikly they will take it to court as they will get fee's or court will dismiss it. Thank you for all the help
  11. So will they still keep chasing me ? Sorry if i sound dumb
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