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  1. Thank you, i sent the letter on the saturday cancelling. But just had an email this morning saying house will be listed soon and photographer will be coming on thursday ? Maybe they will get the letter today or tomorrow. Should i phone them today to cancel the photographer. Nobody will be home thursday anyway.
  2. No not yet, this was only yesterday but i called up this morning and told them i want to cancel and they have said to fill in the cancellation form which states i pay £500. So i dont want to sign that too. The sale man was called Paul Hardy
  3. Yes you are correct, it was all at our home, no paperwork what so ever was handed to us, or even present. it was all on his laptop and signed with my finger on his laptop screen. Only 4 hours later, after Entwistle has closed, i got the email i have uploaded for you. I feel so stupid for not stopping him to read it. But he was rushing off to another job. Thank you so much for your help
  4. Sorry, yes it was at our home during the valuation, we wanted time to think about it, but he said you may as well go ahead as you have a 14 day cooling off period with no fee's, but also if we dont find anywhere else to move too, and this sells, its not nice to do, but we can just pull out and there is no fee's.
  5. Hopefully this has done it, thank you for your help Evergreens.pdf
  6. I had house valued and talked into selling, they told me i have 14 days cooling off period, no fee's and also if i go ahead i can pull out fee free as they only take commission on sale. This was today 14/05/21. The guys got me to sign on his laptop without me reading it. I have now received an email saying if i cancel within the 14 day cooling off period i have to pay £500 + vat ? Please help, how can i stop this
  7. Great, thanks for your help. I need to learn how to upload this stuff properly. Is there an app or something that converts to pdf ?
  8. This is what ive sent, hope its right ? Snotty reply to LBA.pdf
  9. Ericsbrother The letter has been sent today, i will upload the response as soon as i get it, and ill hope for the best in the mean time. Thanks
  10. Yes its opposite the bus station, not sure how to send link to it. Just found another thread on here from 30th june 2018 with photos of it, looks like someone else has had same thing, going to read it now. Ericsbrother is that what i should type up and send ?
  11. Yes its a car park in lancaster, i was working there. Resident in england Thank you
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