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  1. grrrreat!!!! so looks like im gonna have to wait at least another 4 weeks????
  2. HI, checked MCOL this morning and it is saying that it has been Acknowledged(14/08/2006) today. Have been looking through the FAQ's etc, still unsure exactly what this means. Could someone please explain to me. I have not recieved anything from either HSBC or DG solicitors at all since i began this MCOL. Many thanks
  3. Hi, trying to get SAR off for my partner.....i cant pay by cheque as I haven't got a cheque book (not has my partner). So i went into my local Barclays branch with the SAR letter, and the advisor passed me the phone (as she had rang the credit cards dept) and the person I spoke to said the following: "As the information you require is not held on a relevant filing system, this does not fall under the data protection act 1998" They said for the £10 i can have the info up until around November 2004 - anything before this requires £3 per statement which equates to £60. He said that this
  4. Hi...thanks for your replys.... However these are not with HSBC...and they are closed accounts which are not used anymore??? thanks
  5. Im looking to start claiming on my partners accounts soon, however with regards to the SAR, do i have to send a cheque (as i dont have a cheque book and nor does my partner!). Can i send a postal order? Thanks
  6. Cool....that puts my mind and rest....just gonna have to sit tight and wait. Thanks for your replys.....nice to know im not the only one in this position. Thanks again!!!
  7. or do i have to wait for the 14 days to be up first???
  8. well done - congratulations!!!!!! hopefully i'll be saying the same soon!!!!! Just paid my £120 this morning - just checked it and it now says "Issued(04/08/2006)" - then the next box says "START" - which option do i select where it says the following????: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you wish to enter Judgment by Default or by Admission? Please select one of the options below: The defendant has not filed an admission or defence to my claim (Judgment by Default) You will need to decide, how and when you want the defendant to
  9. Hi all, been away for few days and been real busy. Anyway, received a letter on 25th july offering me a sum of £1850 from my claim for around £2850 - thought about it lots and read various other threads so I sent back a letter saying I will except this as a partial settelment and that i would proceed with the remainder. However I recieved a letter back from HSBC today saying that they have assumed that I have not accepted their offer and that I have any further questions to take it up with the financial ombudsman. I take it this the green light to begin my MCOL (i haven't been able to yet
  10. great....many thanks for your reply
  11. although the 14 days is up today (if i allow for 1 days post) - im not going to be able to pay my claim on line until next monday.....will this affect anything? thanks
  12. Still not heard anything from HSBC today and it's up today.....just filled in my MCOL......cant pay until tomorrow though....fingers crossed!!!!
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