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  1. thanks for the info. i will do excatley as you have said.
  2. thanks again.no my son did not give me any signed letter or authority, it was just a good gesture as it was my son in laws landlord. i didn't thought he was so greedy and would do this. do you think i should write to his solicitor for signed agreements papers or wait.
  3. thanks for the reply. my son in law says there was no agreement signed by any of them.it was a private loan and there was no other witnesses or solicitor present., i just interduced to him. i did ask for the agreement papers to the lender but he has never produced them.
  4. hi. today i have received a letter from a solicitor regarding a unsecured loan from my son in laws landlord in 2016. it was for 60k, when the loan was taken i never knew any thing about the loan. my son took it for investment for his brothers business unfortunately the business was folded in 2017. i went to talk to this person and agreed that i will pay his dept off, he agreed and shook hands. since then i paid off 45k. but now he wants 15k which i owe which i will pay as i promised. but he wants 22k more for profit of the business. when i questioned he says your son agreed to pay 2k a month profit until its paid off. the solicitor has also send one copy of a letter to my son in law saying that he was a guarantor. and given to pay within 14 days. my son in law is worried that he might go for charge on his property. can i send the solicitor cca. all the help will be appreciated. thank you.
  5. when he closed his businesses he handed the keys to landlord with mutual agreement and the contract was terminated as it was for 12 months get out clause, at the time the landlord agreed for the machinery to be left there without any agreement or any rent mentioned. if the rent was agreed or he wanted the rent then why wait for 10 months and not say anything up to now.
  6. as it stands yes. he wont release it unless he pays extra £9000.
  7. ill get more information from him and get back to you. dx100uk.
  8. yes it was tomlin order. nothing about the storage charge.
  9. thats what he thought at the time as there was no rent discussed.the landlord agreed at the time to leave the machinery there until somebody occupied.
  10. the agreement was signed by my son inlaw was out of court and the papers was send back to court. he was working on another premises to get the shop ready and when it was ready this problem arise. if it does go to court can he say the machinery will cover most of his dept.
  11. thanks for reply. no he has not paid any money yet, it was agreed to pay back by end of 2018. the machinery was left at good will. but can he charge £9000 on top of £10000. he already owes.
  12. sorry if i have posted in wrong place but, can somebody advice me please.
  13. thanks for the reply. i will get in touch with them.
  14. hi. im trying to help my son in law. now the landlord took him to court for £10.000 for the rent and energy bills. when the court hearing came the judge told them to agree the matter out of court. the matter was agreed and the money will be paid within 12 months which was agreed by both parties. but the problem arise when he tried to remove his machinery from the premises he wouldn't let him take it. and now he wants 9 months rent [ £9000] while his machinery was left there on top of the the money he already owed. but he never said anything about the rent at the time when he left the premises he said he will remove it when ever he needs the space. the landlord agreed at the time. the premises is still empty. bottom line is he hasn't got a job and worried what will happen as he cant pay him anything as he cant open another business without his machines again. can the landlord take charge on his property and make him sell it to get the money. appreciated for all the help.
  15. i have had the same problem with lloyds tsb about 4 years ago. they close it without any reason, just got the letter. tried opening bank account with other banks but, all declined. i haven't had the bank account since. i have to use my wife's account.
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