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  1. hi, just up to update regarding the charging order. my sil filled the n244 form for the claim to set a side and the hearing took place via phone conversation, unfortunately the claimant didn't turn up so the case is now transferred to burnley court at a set date will follow, sil was told to file his defence and in the mean time the charging order stay.
  2. one more question if the ccj order is set aside will the charging on property stays or does the claimant has to apply again.
  3. ok thanks very much. need him to get the form filled in soon.
  4. thank you very much for your help. can he not report to police for wrongly claiming for utility bills
  5. ok thank you, ill tell him to down load and fill the form and send it.
  6. it was in june 2019.when the claimant got the judgement.
  7. the problem is his company seized January 2017 and the utility bills was added on after the closer of businesses. on that bases he wants to report to police as fraud.
  8. the sil landlord, it was for £20k plus he added £18k for rent and utilities bills.
  9. OK, it all started in 2016 when my sil borrowed the £20k to renovate the landlord premises he was renting for his businesses to improve the image, unfortunately it didn't last long after spending the money and the business closed down. sil agreed to pay back the loan with in 12 months. unfortunately he couldn't pay the money due to no work. then he took him to court but my sil did not go as he was scared and dint tell no one. it was only highlighted when they got charging order on the property, they tried to appeal but it was declined as it was after 14 days. it was de
  10. hi, sorry if am in wrong place, my daughter wants to know if she can reverse the charging order on her property due to her husbands borrowing money from his landlord.
  11. sorry but i dont quite understand by notice of allocation. yes we received a letter from the court, we have to attend court in person, whether this is a notice of allocation is something i dont know.
  12. sorry. no i haven't received any papers other than the mediation from the court.
  13. am very very happy with the advice and help i have had. its just i want this guy to hurt him hard for what he has done to me for helping him.
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