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  1. My apologies, I PM'd as I felt as if I was persecuted on some replies in this thread and didn't want to make matters worse. Thanks
  2. Hi Will, Should I write to them asking them to stop calling quoting the fact that it is unenforceable? I did send you a PM. Thanks
  3. Thank you. As an update, I did a Trust Online search which came up with nothing obviously. I then rang Nottingham County Court and they said that as its so old they can't even give me any details as they changed computer systems and they don't/can't get any details on the CCJ even if they wanted too.
  4. Thanks. OK I suppose once I give them my current address its down to them to seek permission from the court to enforce the CCJ? Or do I invite them to do so on my correspondence?
  5. The CCJ was issued in 12/07, the address was an ex-martial home that was empty. I did not go off radar, my circumstances led to no fixed abode for a good 3 or 4 years. There was no way I would of known the CCJ was issued.
  6. Hi, No, I did not, I made sure of this. I want to send them a letter (and advised them this on the phone) but not sure what to send them!!! Thanks I set up my own Ltd company in March 2019 and the registered address was always my accountant. When I changed accountants in May this year I needed to give an address in Wales (I now live in Northern Ireland and it couldn't be used apparently), I changed it to my dads and obviously this is available through Companies House. They have found his number this way I think, but I may be wrong lol.
  7. Well after 13 years of no communication with any of my old creditors/ DMC's, today I had a call from Capquest about a Capital One debt!!! They said a CCJ was registered in 12/07. I didnt acknowledge anything, I merely obtained a reference and postal address. Section 2.4 of The Limitation Act states no action can be taken after 6 years. Am I correct and what's the best letter to send them? Thanks
  8. MissHope, many thanks for your reply. My salary has been paid into my wife's bank account since I started with my current employer ( March 2011). Kind Regards @citizenB Very interesting link - thank you.
  9. Ah right, but how I wonder, I know there are no CCJ's, and my current and previous address were unknown to all, so how would it show any debt from the address where all the debt was registered ( 1997-2007). I never received ONE letter in the 5 years I was there!!! Thank you dx100uk, very helpful, and yes the voters roll, my only concern was being "found". @citizenB Many thanks for your time to reply I have been "off the radar" since Sept 2007. I have made sure that my name didn't go on ANYTHING, not even my email address. My salary has been paid into my wife account, mobile is in my wife's name, I just have our "savings" card and then funds are transferred back into it from the current account. I would like to know more about the mortgage shortfall, but I honestly couldn't even say who it was with!!!! @fkofilee Ok. thanks, will look into it.
  10. Thanks fkofilee, I did try this a while ago, however I think I may of messed it up as had letter from them saying I needed to call them as they couldn't verify identity etc etc, I think I applied using different address and it confused their system!!! I will apply for the £2 stat report using my current address + my previous 5 year address, but will this not be a true reflection as I was not registered at my previous address and I have not had ANY sort of credit since September 07? I would imagine it would come back completely blank!!!!!!! Just a thought, if potential lenders only search the last 5 years, and nothing is on my report, do I even have to go into my situation? I mean they can only know from a credit check, and wouldn't they get the same details as me, i.e nothing?
  11. Hi all. Hope everybody had a good Xmas. Over the last few months I have been thinking long and hard about my financial situation, and more so how to get out of the renting circle and back into owning my own home. The facts are: Old Life 40 year old (male) Divorced September 2007 Marital home repossessed 4/08 ( I left 10/07 - Ex left 12/07) Repossessed due to no communication between her & I **NO EQUITY IN PROPERTY** House sold leaving approx. £20k shortfall - No paperwork/court case as our new address not known. Various unsecured debts with no communication/payments since 09/07 ( Statue Barred ?) New Life Rented private since September 2010 Never registered on Voters Roll Moved to new rented property September 2015 No Bank account since September 2007 NO CCJ's registered on Trustonline - have searched ALL address over last 10 years. No mobile phone account in my name. Infact, nothing in my name, other than tenancy agreement So, I don't know if the lack of communication is from not registering for anything, but I would like to start moving forward and getting a bank account, going on the voters roll etc etc, however I am concerned about opening a can of worms and getting chased for these debts. Know I now there will be some divided opinions that I should make contact with all my creditors and start paying off my debts, but it is not something I want to do for reasons that I wont go into here. As stated initially, I would like to get back into the housing market - my wife and I earn in excess of £50k pa, and she has an A1 credit rating, however I earn the most. We could afford a mortgage no problem at all, and I believe I deserve a 2nd chance, the marital home was only repossessed due to both my ex & I being stupidly stubborn over offers that we received for the property and we were not talking, estate agents were the go between, and things just went pear shaped. Sorry for the long post, can anyone help with the best step forward without dragging up the past? I know I need a full credit report, but cannot do this until I get a bank account to prove my identity. Thanks all & Happy New Year.
  12. Hi everyone, Will be posting again soon regarding assistance on my situation in general, howver just incase any one is searching for an update on this, I can confirm I have received nothing further from Lowells. Regards
  13. Hi All, Hope I am not tempting fate here , but just an update to let you all know that since my last post I have not heard from Lowells at all. The CCJ for the debt is 6 years old on 16/4/14, so I am looking forward to that date!!
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