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  1. Thankyou Margaret is this form the one you need to say you wish to appeal or is it to request information held on hubby as when I followed the link it is unreadable.
  2. Ty antone How anybody is expected to take all this in is beyond me. Think they just want everone to roll over and submit.
  3. Hi I am a newbie who is looking for help/advice. My husband recieved a phone call on 9 oct saying he had been placed in support group then half hour later recieved another call apologising and saying he was in wrag. We have since made several calls asking where letter saying he is in wrag group is as we have only recieved one stating he is in support group and we want to appeal the decision. Keep being told it has been sent, have now requested another one. He was awarded this without attending any medical so just went on form sent in. Also he will be receiving contribution based and inco
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