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  1. Hi Slick132, I got the following email back - I guess I should make a formal complaint to OFT now - do you reckon? Do you have their details? "Thank you for your email. We have noted your comments that you will be ignoring all future communications from Fitness First and CARS. I am sorry that you feel that we have failed to prove to you that your membership is in arrears however we explained this in our emails to you of the 2nd September and the 4th September. I can confirm that we will continue to attempt collection of the outstanding arrears. Regards
  2. Thanks for all your help Slick132, they continued to call and write threatening letters, so I wrote the below email to Fitness First and CARS .If okay, I will contact you for details of the OFT if they come back with an unreasonable response "I am writing in reference to the letters sent by Fitness First and C.A.R.S., your appointed debt recovery agency. Your letters fail to persuade me that I owe you anything and I will pay you nothing more. I have explained my position to you in my letter dated 30th August, 2013. I reserve the right to ignore further communications from Fitness F
  3. Many thanks, I sent the following letter to Fitness First. During this telephone conversation I was persuaded to remain a member. I was offered a pay-as-you-go scheme wherein I pay a monthly charge of £9.95 by direct debit and thereafter £3.00 every time I use the facilities at your gym in Leyton, London, England. I accepted this offer during the call itself. The above were the only terms of the contract that I was informed about at the time. I accepted the offer resulting in a legally binding agreement between ourselves and subsequently became legally binding. Pointedly-
  4. Many thanks for this. The bank has already agreed to refund the amounts. I will keep you posted on what they come back with.
  5. Hi, I wanted to share my recent bad experience with Fitness First and obtain some advice. I was on a regular membership scheme since 2009 where I paid c.£40 a month. In 2011, when I called to terminate my membership, they persuaded me to move to a PAYG scheme where I would pay £9 a month and £3 for every entry. Then, in June this year, without informing me, they started debiting £41 a month. I noticed this in August. Upon calling them, I was informed that the previous terms of my membership were temporary. Without my prior knowledge or consent, they charged me the extra sums
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