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  1. Thanks for the replies, over £100 wasted then.
  2. I did contact them inside the 14 days by email, they just sent a generic email back for the last 2 weeks, thats why I've spoke to them over the phone. Does this now mean we are stuck with a pair of unwanted trainers ? That'll teach me never to deal with Ted Baker again, also I shall tell all my family and friends not to bother.
  3. I bought my son a pair of Ted Baker trainers online for xmas. He doesn't like the fit and would simply like a credit note. He tried them on once, only in the house, they are brand new and cost a lot of money, whilst throwing away all the xmas wrapping, boxes etc, the box went in the recycling as well. I have proof of purchase through my bank, I have the unused trainers in a bag. I have spoken to numerous people at Ted Baker in Leeds, they say they simply will not accept them back without a box. Please help, what should I do next !!
  4. Thanks again to all who contributed, I shall hopefully soon, posting to say "final handover completed"
  5. Would the indemnity cover me for other situations once the sale goes through : i.e., the new owner has issues with another problem , say, a loose slate or internal doors that don't close properly, or even the kitchen cabinets are not fitted as they initially thought, surely the buyer could concoct anything, this list can be ongoing can't it !!
  6. Freehold, this is also attached. Restrictive Covenant (Freehold) A claim by a third party enforcing the restrictive covenants contained in a Conveyance dated 07/06/1935 and made between Harry Baxendale, John Edward Smith and Bernard Percy Eccles and Gertrude Midgley Eccles. The coverage for this Known Risk is provided based on the following assumptions: 1. There has been no attempt to contact the persons thought to have the benefit of the covenants and no notice of any breach from a third party relating to the breach of freehold restrictive covenants. 2. The freehold restrictive covenants were imposed more than 10 years ago. 3. The property has been used as a residential dwelling for a minimum of 12 months. 4. If alterations or additions were carried out in the 12 months prior to Policy Date, building regulations and planning permissions were obtained if required and there were no material objections raised at planning stages.
  7. This is what the letter states : I write to inform you the buyers legal representative has identified a need for a breach of covenant indemnity policy, As you may be aware, the porch, garage and conservatory have been erected the property in breach of the restrictive covenants contained in the title documents. Your buyers solicitors have requested that you provide an appropriate indemnity policy to protect your buyers against future reproach by the person who imposed the covenants. Please do not make any approach to any third party , in particular the Harry Baxendale with regard to the porch, garage and conservatory as this may render any proposed indemnity insurance policy void.Under the terms of these policies you are not permitted to discuss the matters for which insurance has been obtained with any third party. In respect of that , the buyers legal representative has asked that you pay for the the policy referred to above. The premium is £104.70 , our fee for arranging it is £90. As far as I'm concerned the house went on sale and someone agreed to buy. The garage and porch are on the site of the original garage and porch, there is no conservatory, also Mr Baxendale is dead.
  8. Not aware of any covenant, they telling me not to contact the original owner from 1935, who I presume is dead, I don't know if he put a covenant on it, what exactly is a convenient ?
  9. The latest on the property as of an email today, I'm getting stressed and very annoyed and don't know what to do now. Title indemnity policy They are now telling me I need an insurance policy, the buyers solicitor has identified a need for a breach of covenant indemnity policy, they are saying that I should protect the buyer from further against future reproach from the persons who imposed the covenants, and I should not make any approach to any third party, in particular, Harry Baxendale who had the property in and conveyance in 1935. I didn't have to jump through hoops when I bought the property in 2004 , what going on, please help !!!
  10. Hi I'm unsre on that, but the tick list sheet is pretty much what they're using, every time I send the list back they conveniently come back with something else to question, in fairness its driving the buyer mad as well. I've got a gas safe cert for the boiler and gas fire and going to pass that on and say the wood burner was installed prior to me buying the property in 2004, also before Hetas were invented, if they don't except that I'll simply say I'm taking the wood stove out and will make good the fireplace. The buyer also said he's paid a one off conveyancing fee to his knowledge and isn't paying anymore. Once again, many thanks for the help.
  11. Just to update you. I contacted the buyer and he's been on the case of his solicitor, he's happy with my side of things and it finally looks like we are progressing, Ive said I don't have proof of who built the porch, that said, there seems to be a sticking point regards the wood burning stove, it was already installed when I bought the property in 2004, its had the chimney swept regularly but now it appears it would need a new plate fitting among other things to bring it up to Hetas regulations, Hetas wasn't even around in 2004 so where do I stand now, why should I pay to have things done and would the buyer be able to get house insurance without a cert for it ?? It seems as soon as I clear one thing up another problem occurs.
  12. Thanks for the replies, think I'll contact buyer myself and let him know whats going on , hopefully they'll get a good few bob knocked off as well. Thanks again.
  13. I'm currently selling a property, its almost gone through to handover, however, I keep getting questions from buyers solicitor regarding a porch I had built on the side of the house around 2008, I had no planning permission as I was told by the builder it was under a certain size, not restricting access and not near a boundary, I don't have any certificates now either it was that long ago. The buyer is very happy with the porch and wants to keep it, their solicitor is getting right on my wick and with the stress, I'm close to telling them if it dosent go through soon I'm pulling out of the sale, although I don't want to, and I know it will cost me then. All this after 100 questions regards gas certs, wood burning stove certs, garage certs, the garage and porch are on the exact sites of where the originals were when I purchased the property in 2004, I never had all these questions then, why so many now ? Ive spoken to the buyer , they desperately want to keep the garage, porch and wood burning stove, so why they problems ? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. Ah, I see, so basically I'm in the hands of BG, oh dear, well its too late now I'll just have to put up with it. Thanks again.
  15. Buyer came round at weekend , I explained the situation with them, they're fine with me paying whatever it is from last payment to setting up new account. Hope its a decent tariff, knowing my luck I'll get hammered on standing charges as well. Much appreciated everyone for the help and input.
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