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  1. I am livid. I have just been sent my renewal invitation and Hastings have stripped me of 5 years no claims. I have a very simple no fault claim in February. I paid my excess and Carpenters claimed it back from the other side Ageas, Ageas had already written to me offering to sort the minimal damage to my car out themselves, so obviously it was their clients fault. I call Hastings on Friday to check when renewal docs will be sent, they told me the new price over the phone and confirmed I have my full 9 years no claims. I call them today and am told that the claim 'is still open' so I am docked 5 years. How can it be 'open' when Carpenters solicitors claimed back my excess ages ago. I am absolutely livid. For a claim that probably cost about £300 max, I cannot shop around for quotes saying I have 9 years no claims? SO NOT HAPPY
  2. Can you tell me if you have now managed to get your excess back, as I'm in exactly the same boat. Thanks.
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