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  1. hi thanks for the replys its hard to do the questions on my phone as my computer packed in. firstly my husband is having a vein removed from is leg as to much blood is being released into it. he can barely bend is leg and is in constant pain this vein sticks out all the way down is leg from is groin. we both would like to work don't get us wrong but i know my husband can't he's not been well with is leg ,back and is blackouts . the problem i got as i now wear to hearing aids is that i can't be in noisey places as it makes my aids whistle in your hears and cause i suffer with my jaw it keeps getting inflamed i can't always wear them so i need my husband with me to let me know if the baby cries or phone rings etc, i also find that when someone talks to me it takes a few seconds for my brain to register what is being said. I've looked online about the new pip and to be honest its put me off the first assesment is done over the phone but i can't do that as i've got to take my hearing aids out to talk on my phone and is embarrasing when u got to keep asking them to repeat them selves some people get rude at you so i tend to ignore the phone and ask to be contacted by emails instead .
  2. hi i.ve a few things to ask my husband lost is dla appeal with tribunal don.t know why . he has been suffering blackouts for the last 10 years and stress is a big factor in the cause of them doc.s even said it could be epilepsy they won.t treat him as they are not sure and said just hope they will clear up in their own. onr thing is my husband don.t go to the doc.s all the time and this is ine problem the dla had we told them why would he cause there is nothing they can do as we use to at first but was a waste of time the doc would look at you and say so what is it you want we ain.t got an answer try and relax and not get to stressed, during all the tests he.a had they did find a slight brain abnormallty . he.s also had a hernia repair which as left him in pain 3 years on he.s also due to have a varicose vein removal from is groin to is ankle as is groin is releasing to much blood into is leg and is vein bulges out its hugh painfull and hot. the other problem is he suffers with is back and is disc slips out and due to all these problems and have not been able to work plus he lives on pain killers he gets depression aswell. the pain is so bad sometimes that the doc told him morphine was the next stage for him. second atos he had an appointment with them a hour after arriving tht told us sorry can.t see you as you need to see a doctor to see you an hour i was fuming is this a good thing as its for esa from income support would they really make him look for work knowing he.s going to have a op before long and the recovery . i.m worried cause i know he.s in no fit state to work he don.t heal very well and i.m worried is blackouts will get worse they had settled down but the worry of all this just makes them worse and i.m going to have to go to work instead even though i only just had a baby and breast feed and i.m worrying about what i can do has i wear hearing aids and struggle with them i have been told i can claim dla/pip for my hearing problems as it is bad but don.t know if thats true.
  3. hi i.ve a friend who.s used this company and when she got into money problems contacted them straight away but they would not help she told bank she lost her card so that was cancelled. she gets phone calls and txts all the time they don.t answer her emails at all. shes now been told unless she contacts them to set up a payment plan they will constantly phone her on all the numbers they have for her.
  4. hi my stupid daughter had just taken out a orange contract for 35 a month ,had a new htc one 4g not a cheap phone and within a few days she lent it to her boyfriends mother as our granddaughter broke her cheap phone.first month she never paid the bill my daughter did then she started asking for the phone back as my son was going to take over the contract kept making excusses up like her daughter was borrowing it and shes not here so had the sim card back and a letter from the bank stating a returned dd for 203 she run a phone bill up of that amount and my daughter went mad asked for the phone back now and she told her she sold it for 49 cause she run out of gas and electric. thus family is no good whats so ever and we always argue over them . what can she do about this it was not her phone to sell my daughter can.t afford to pay the bill either and now shes locked in a 24 month contract.is this theft will the police do anything shes now recked my daughters credit rating and shes only 19.
  5. until i got into difficulty and this site told me my rights i didn.t know i could the contracts are confusing and over the last 8 months i.ve learnt so much and have read tons of information and know nearly everything i should about my rights and supply of goods act. i didn.t realise how stupid i was until i found out my rights and what bh do to their customers . your not given a chance to read the contracts your not asked questions about them they date and tick the boxs and they alwas held the contracts while u sign them quickly and turning the pages as quickly as u can sign . honest to god i feel such a fool i just done it no questions asked cause you feel its what u got to do to have them items.
  6. yeah got my dlc back but took them to court for osc we.re on ,on monday next week i was never asked to take them out was put in my contract automatically and at the time i didn.t know any different that i didn.t have to have them until this site helped me. i did ask once not to have them as had a transferable insurance on an item i could put on my new one instead and they would.nt let me do it. they knew i had home contents . what they keep saying is your not proving how you was mis sold them i can only say what happened when they was taken out and was hoping for anyone elses experiance of the mis selling would help aswell to show it ain.t just me whos saying this and how they was mis sold it aswell .
  7. i.m fighting bh in court and they keep arguing how was i mis sold their useless insurances so was wondering if anyone wanted to help me and email the person i.m dealing with and tell them how they was mis sold them cause they reckon their staff do not mis sell them and explain everything lol. if i.m allowed i.ll post is email address on here.
  8. yeah i know all that and going through all the contracts now and i.m just stumped they.ve supplied copys of contracts except 2 which they.ve lost i think i.ve 16 as only 18 agreements but they.re saying i.ve taken 32 out but 2 terminated within 10 mins of taking out so leaves thirty . some agreements have 2 items on them but still all added up together into one i.ve not a clue what they have done.
  9. i.m reclaiming court on 29th i.m getting everything ready and want to know about the bit they signed my signature . even got them out on the repairs i had one was cancelled by them as parts had.nt come in but they said i cancelled the repair and another one was i wasn.t in when called that really got me as it was in december 2010 and as everyone remembers we had bad snow at the end of november into december and i also had a new born baby just a few wks old and kids home from school because of snow . god they will lie about anything. i know it sound stupid cause they asked why did you keep signing contracts and it makes me feel stupid is cause until you know your rights and all the facts you never realised you had a choice in the matter they put them in the contract without asking you and you signed it no questions asked why cause your under the impression you got to too get the items.this is what i got to make the judge understand and if i can do this then i think more people can win their cases against them . pity really what i should of done was ask on here for peoples storeys of their mis selling and gave that to them .
  10. hi don.t know how to post but have you ever seen a bh contract there is a part on there thats to be filled in if you do not want the dlc your insurance details and your signature and date etc now bh as sent me copys as evidence to say i signed them for osc and knew what i was doing . they.ve ticked the boxes not me and they also dated where i need to sign some as dots or crosses where i need to sign . until this site i didn.t know anything about these covers and what i should or shouldn.t need to sign .well the thing is the bit about not wanting dlc bh have filled in on their contracts and signed them on behalf of me i know i didn.t have dlc on my first ever items but are they allowed to sign that bit . the other thing they are saying i didn.t take out the osc on some items which i know it was not my choice they never added it to these items and they are all gameing stuff like xbox nintendos i have been told they don.t add it to these as they do tend to break down easy and this way it covers them.
  11. how do you post it on here not got a clue see and i normally use my phone instead of my computer. i.ve taken them to court for osc back but also defaulted on items they want every penny paid back interest included and items i.ve paid a third over they are willing to settle me keep goods but no money back . but i.ve a faulty washing machine that keeps breaking down a faulty settee that have had previous repairs but just broken again this i.ve paid a third off. I want to know what i can settle or can i claim compensation for my faulty settee thats been like it since nearly 2 months old . my washer i had to take insurance out myself as bh wouldn.t give permission for repairs while court case was going on since end if december i.ve had 6 repairs 5 same problem so i would like compensation for the insurance and for all the traveling back and fore to do my washing at my mothers everyday. i.ve a large family so everyday i needed washing. i.ve told them they can have it back as do not want to pay anymore on it only had it 6 months when defaulted . do anyone know what i can and can.t settle on bh didn.t hand in evidence until yesterday and was suppose to be on monday no later than 4pm. they received mine and then past it on to a solicitor hl solicitors . their counter claim is that i.ve not proven i was mis sold osc and that i.ve used the cover but can prove that i was covered under soga and first year insurance on products. my contracts i can prove that they.ve ticked the boxes not me and dotted or crossed where to sign some not even signed by both of us my copys anyway. both have to be matching .
  12. rwhen bh issue you a default notice - should they then issue a termination notice of agreements after you don.t reply to the default. it states on the default notice that they can do this and a load of other things if i don.t pay or reply. if so does this mean i can end the agreements myself even though its gone past the date of them wanting payment.
  13. if you read your agreement you will find that dlc and osc cover you for fire theft and accidents so you are covered tell them that they got tp comply with the law if they state they are covered in the contract they got to comply take contract with u to show them. also do not listen to a word they say they are full of crap they lie all the time if they still won.t repair take them to court for breach of contract and claim all insurane back as its worthless .
  14. Well halifax wasn.t to bothered and i then made a online complaint to lloyds they phoned me back within a few hours and i.m having my money back as its part of lloyds they will return money and investagate them as something should of been picked up on them before now if any other bank they said i wouldn.t have got it back also lloyds should of given me more info on what i was doing.
  15. £291 i.ve phoned their bank account is still active got to phone again tomorrow as fraud department was closed i.m sure halifax is part of lloyds so hoping to get it sorted, got enough proof to make a case of fraud and hopefully between the banks i might be able to reclaim it back.
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