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  1. I have done a SAR I've just looked through the huge amount of data and found ltsb ccd refinance loan with ins. Also on the SAR on the key financial information about the loan at the bottom of the page it's got a * You MAY be entitled to a rebate of the LPi premium if you settle the loan early. Please ask your insurer for more details. Does this mean I had ppi? The main thing I want though are the defaults removed as I think it was unfair of them to drag them out for so long. They just used me to make money instead of ending it when they should have.
  2. Hi again dx firstly i'd like to say thanks for taking your time to help people on this form. The 3 defaults are loan, current account and credit card. There were 2 loans originally showing as defaulted but the first 1 dropped off. I'm not sure if I had PPI. I had a call of 1 of these annoying PPI reclaim companies and I told them I had defaulted on the loans then they said I couldn't have had PPI then. How would I tell if I did have PPI? Also because I didn't pay the loan back directly to lloyds would I still be able to claim?
  3. I've recently done a SAR to lloyds tsb but its a huge file and I don't know what it all is. It's confusing. I was hoping to find reasons why the 3 defaults I have from lloyds tsb could be removed but it baffles me. I had a loan from lloyds tsb I missed 8 payments straight away but lloyds did the irresponsible thing and gave me another loan. Another thing is I had loads of defaults from different creditors all made in 2007 so they've all fallen off now but lloyds tsb dragged them out and didn't default me till 2010 and 2011.
  4. Hi dx it shows on equifax as I took it out in 2006 and was satisfied in 2010 even though I didn't pay it to lloyds tsb.
  5. Hi CitizenB I was paying equidebt by standing order but I have recently left Halifax as my main bank for santander. But I want to leave 2 DD's on my Halifax account to get the £5 a month. So setup this new DD to be 1 of them. Why would I be better off paying by standing order? Hi again dx no information from equidebt is on my credit file at all. But phoned transcom and they confirmed it was the lloyds tsb loan via about 3 different debt collection agencies as I buried my head the first few years. Thanks again for your replies.
  6. Hi dx it's not on my credit report as equidebt but a lloyds tsb loan remains satisfied even though I didn't pay it off. I assumed it was made satisfied when the debt was bought by equidebt. I've paid almost all of it off now with equidebt only several hundred to go. I'm not disputing the debt just wanted confirmation that other people had been contacted. Thanks for your reply.
  7. Hi, I had a debt with equidebt for what was originally a lloyds tsb loan I think. It has recently been passed to transcom worldwide I have googled both these names together but nothing comes up. I would have thought other people would be on the forums asking if anyone else had received such a letter. Transcom sent me a letter asking for direct debit instruction to carry on paying the same monthly amount as I was to equidebt. Anyone else been sent a similar letter? Thanks
  8. Drops off today. thanks again for the advice! No more CCJs.
  9. Thanks both, The thing is the ccj only appears on call credit and not on the other 2 agencies. I've checked trust online and it's on there. The ccj becomes statute barred next year so am I just best waiting it out as they"ll have to apply to court If they want to pursue it after the 6 year period. Is it definatley 6 years from the date of payment dx? I thought it was 6 years from judgement, same as defaults?
  10. Any reason nobody answering this simple question? I've been polite and don't think I've done anything wrong have I?
  11. Hi all, i have a debt with arrow global thats is going to fall off my credit report unpaid at the end of october. The thing is i have an unpaid ccj from 2007 from Bryan Carter for a partial amount of the money owed. I am not being chased for this money but am happy to pay the ccj but not willing to pay arrow global the rest of the money as i think it was mostly missed payment charges etc. So will paying the ccj activate the statute barred debt with arrow global? Thanks for your help
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