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  1. Yes I have a copy, it has my brothers name on the council tax, tv license & water bill and my name is on the tenancy & gas and electric bill. She has a tenancy agreement for her YMCA place so hopefully that should prove she doesn’t live here. Are they likely to come back today? I want to go out but I feel like I can’t, have been watching the CCTV all day to see if he comes back
  2. I’m 100% sure it’s a criminal fine, it’s on one of the letters they sent here for her, which is forwarded to her and she obviously lied when she said she sorted it out. are you saying I should let them in? Could they seize stuff even if I show them proof she doesn’t own anything? Sorry for all the questions, It’s pretty alarming to learn these people can just come in my home and take what they want
  3. Thank you, I didn’t think of that. I gave them a call since I can’t get a hold of my sister. They told me to call back in a bit when the support workers are there. The bailiff said he will be back today 10-12. Is there anything I can do if he does turn up again? Shall I let him in or let him break in? He doesn’t seem very nice and I was very polite and decent with him so I doubt he will listen, I told him she doesn’t live with me and she lives at the YMCA. He said it doesn’t matter. If my sister can’t or won’t pay, which is extremely likely with the amount it is (£450 I think) We can’t afford to help her as already borrowing to get by and having my own problems with money. Can they still take stuff? Almost all of the valuables in the house were bought in December so I have a lot of receipts for things and nothing is in her name at all if that helps.
  4. Hi, wondering if you could help. My sister has an unpaid fine and doesn’t live with me, she lives at the YMCA. She is a drug addict and almost homeless so debts are the last thing on her mind. Anyway, just half an hour ago I had this really worked up intense Marstons bailif at my door, I told him she doesn’t live here. I said she stayed here at Christmas and apparently that’s enough for them. I know they can’t remove any goods that are not my sisters, she doesn’t have anything here and everything I have here I have receipts for. I’d like to know their legal powers when it comes to something like this. Can they break into my house? And how do I prove she doesn’t live here? I don’t have any official documents that list the residents here. I have a 4 bed house and each bedroom is occupied by one of my siblings, but the one that the debt is for has never lived with us just stayed briefly over Christmas, I guess she gave our address to someone without permission? Any help would be appreciated since the guy said he will be back, I have had my own debt problems in the past and this is my nightmare scenario even though I became debt free finally for the first time since I turned 18 in December last year & now this!
  5. thanks for your answer. I was think because she has always lived with me since she was born and I pretty much raised her with my other brother and sister, there won't be any problems. hopefully me not having a job won't get in the way.
  6. does anyone have any information regarding guardianship of my sister? I'd want to take on guardianship and claim the benefits of its possible so we can pay the rent. any a doc would be great, Google is very confusing
  7. thank you a lot for your reply, I'm going to look more into it tomorrow thanks again
  8. thanks. she died in hospital, totally unexpected and its down to lack of care, negligence and misdiagnosis
  9. yes, all the people in this house have always lived together as a family since we were born, I moved out a year ago for five days but that went wrong! but yeah I believe it's all above board because until I lost my job two weeks ago I was paying towards the rent and council tax and bills and so was my brother and sister
  10. hi guys, I wanted a bit of advice. sadly my mum passed away suddenly today. I'm really worried about bills, debts and the housing situation. basically my mum is 55, currently supposed to be working full time but has been on SSP since June last year. it just ended, she also gets tax credits and child benefit. we have a sky subscription, my mobile phone with EE is in her name, gas and electric bills and council tax are also in her name. we live in a 4 bed house that I'm sure is with a housing association. my dad passed away a while ago, so it's just me and my siblings left. my sister who is 13, my sister who is 23, I'm 24 and brother who is 25. he works full time, minimum wage. my sister who does an apprenticeship and I recently lost my job. she only died today, apparently all the bills are up to date for a month and she has a few debts. I was wondering what I do now? she's not well off or has loads of assets can I change all the benefits and bills to my name and take legal guardian ship of my sister? I'd apreciate a little guidance, thank you
  11. Dizaster

    Payable orders?

    Has anyone ever heard of this?
  12. Dizaster

    Payable orders?

    Has anyone ever hearing this? Hello?
  13. Dizaster

    Payable orders?

    Hi, I applied for a P60 refund (after stopping working) and they said I am entitled to a refund. On the 5th the payment was issued, I nominated it to be paid into my mothers account. I have spoken to the HMRC 4 times since, 1 guy said it was sent to me via cheque. One guy said it's being paid straight into the account and two guys said that the "payable order" was sent to the bank to be deposited. I'm confused as I can't find anything online about how they pay it and being told different things on the phone by them is making it worse! I just need to know if they are telling me fibs? How long does it normally take for it to be paid?
  14. Theft is theft, someone taking someone else's property without their permission is theft. Why would you edit my post?
  15. Yes I've been on the phone to my stupid bank (which I'm going to leave after all this) and they told me I have to wait untill the money had actually left my account. I'm planning to go into the branch tommorow to demand my money and if I don't get it I'm just going to kick off. I've just read online that your bank MUST remove the CPA once requested, I did so back I about 2 months ago when I had a call from the fraud dept. regarding PDE trying to [EDIT] money from my account. I told HSBC that the payments were fraudulent as I hadn't given my permission and that HSBC must remove the CPA, I even had a new card. If HSBC would have done what I requested in the first place this money wouldnt have been taken. What makes it worse I tried calling PDE and they told me I'll get a call back and when that didn't happen I called back an this chav was giving me **** about the office being closed at 12:45 and hung up on me. Has ANYONE had ANY luck on getting money back from the bank that had been taken by PDL companies? The forum doesn't come up with much as most thread titles just say help Thanks for any responses
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