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  1. Yes all show. I don't know if it is my original post that is the problem. If so apologies for not being clear. Has anyone any advice for dealing with the cc companies when you are about to not be able to pay - hence my wanting to seek token payments?
  2. At the moment all payments are up to date. there are no missed payments, defaults, letters, overlimits etc so no extra charges. I have however got to the situation where I can't go on paying. So I was looking for advice on how to approachthe CC companies for reduced ie token payments and no interest during a period when my divorce is going through. Hopefully at the end of the divorce I will then have funds to offer a partial settlement on a full and final offer but will not have sufficient income to fund ongoing payments..
  3. Thanks. I've no penalty charges as the debts have been servicedas per contract to now.or PPI issues as i never took PPI. It's just that I can no longer make the payments from now. I take the point about token paymeents v goodwill payments. I assume then I don't tell them anything about the savings at this time as the aim is to get to a point where finances are clearer after divorce and hopefully I can make full and final. settlement offers? The debts are: MBNA £12332 B'Card £13296 Cap One £4626 Halifax £7148 Marbles £6654
  4. Hi all. I'm new here but would greatly appreciate some advice please. This is a bit complicated but I'll try to be as brief as possible. Due to personal circumstances (health, divorce proceedings) I have been funding two lots of household and living expenses for some time from savings and a modest pension and paying credit card debts (£45K). The savings are considerably depleted and will run out soon if I continue to pay the monthly debt payments etc and anyway are subject to division as an asset in the divorce. All CC payments are currently up to date. I ca
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