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  1. Hi Mum said no rebate, settlement figure was 17000. already paid about 12500 in monthly instalments for 31 months Thanks
  2. Dear Helpers Can sum1 please help me with calculations with a loan that was taken out in 2004 for 20000. if mums complaint is upheld im just wondering what the redress could be (a)loan...............20,000 (b)master care ppi..................6,989 ©total loan amount..................26,989 (d) total to pay back with interest...........33,648 monthly payment for 84 months was 404 loans settled in 3 years with a lump sum of 17,000 to clear loan. paid 12,700 via monthly payments thanks for your help
  3. thanks d for the swift response. mum has the agreement and the loan was paid after 3 and half years as dad died and mum sold the house and used some of the money to pay the balabce of 17000. I have looked at the agreement and even though it was a joint loan the insurance is on my mums name only. is that correct? thanks
  4. Dear All I managed to get mum to check whether she took out any loans and managed to dig out paper work for an old AA LOAN IN 2004 FOR £20000 LOAN- £20000 MASTER INSURANCE- £6891 TOTAL LOAN- £26891 TOTAL TO PAY BACK AFTER 84 MONTHS IS £33892 AT £404 PER MONTH. The loan was taken over the phone as a joint loan along with dad. mum was 64 and dad was 65 at the time and both working for nhs and royal mail. mum said ppi was added onto the agreement with out any discussion other than taking the insurance would grant them that big loan and also they would get it at a low rate of 6.6 apr. 3 days later the courier turned up and mum and dad signed for the cheque. The loan was a single premium loan and was for 7 years. at the time when taking this big loan mum and dad were working but both due to retire in the next year or so. they owned there own house, had two good pensions, savings and work benefits 6 month sick pay etc. Do you think they were mis sold? any advice please thanks:-)
  5. HiI have recentley done a SAR to barclays and sent off a £10 cheque. Can someone tell me when they recieved the information did they go back only 6 years or more? I am hoping for them to send me information from 1998 as I have had two loans rejected saying had the loans were taken after oct 2001 they would have upheld the claim however i took the loan in 29/10/2001 for £10000. thanks
  6. Dear All I am new here. I need some advice please. i am currently in debt management but have been lucky in getting back my ppi refund to me via cheque even though i still owe money as the debt has been sold to dca. one of my claims was with HSBC however even the my debt is now with metropolitan dca they sent my refund to me direct into my nationwide account as the letter they sent clearly states no 'payment to third party'. I have tried claiming back banck charges and account fee of £12.95 per month for 5 years. Today I recieved a letter form them not upholding my claim for bank charges but have upheld the account fee charges totalling £777.51. However the letter states as alot of my debt is with Metropolitan they said they will make the payment to them instead. My concern is why did they send my ppi refund to me direct for my loan and card? what is the difference with this refund? can they do this as metropolitan is a third party. please advise thanking you all
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