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  1. I spoke to the FOS 2 days ago and the guy on the other end of the line seemed to think that MBNA were following guidance. We know that that's not true; he also suggested speaking with MBNA before going the FOS route. I intend writing a letter simultaneously, but what should I say in my letter and call? I have the breakdown as indicated so I am wondering how technical I should get in this call.
  2. So it looks like I will have to fire off another letter to the FOS complaining. Should I write to MBNA as well? And what should this letter say, is there a template available? I don't want it to look like I am being lazy here but I am away from the UK temporarily and I would like to shortcut the process. Many thanks!
  3. I hope this works......I apologise in advance for the orientation.[ATTACH=CONFIG]52440[/ATTACH]
  4. Ah, I uploaded them to my dropbox because I was travelling for a while, and I think they are in gif format. Is there an easy way to convert gifs to pdf? Oh wait the instructions are there!
  5. OK..............I have the calculations now. I have scanned them and I don't believe they have any identifying information. What is the best way of getting someone to have a look over them?
  6. I wonder, who should I address the letter to?
  7. Hi Andybars, thanks for your quick reply! Their letter says that banking the cheque will not prejudice me if I have further queries. I've also just had a playabout with my FoS Running spreadsheet. If I change the rate of interest from 35% (which the card ran at for the majority of its life) to 20%, I get a number very close to what I was offered. Fancy that! Either way I will craft a letter requesting a copy of their calculations. Do you have any idea when they might send it to me?
  8. Hello guys, long time no speak. We now have a refund letter! For some reason the amount offered is a few thousand below the amount in my spreadsheet. Surely I haven't made that much of a mistake? Or is this another example of MBNA's "creative" interpreting of PPI figures? How would I go about getting a proper breakdown of the figures? And how do I dispute them if they are wrong? And should I bank the cheque when it arrives?
  9. Quick Update: MBNA have agreed to make an offer as per FOS guidelines. The letter came a month ago but I've only seen it now, hopefully I can get paid within six weeks Thanks a bunch guys!
  10. Thanks for your help! The account defaulted and was passed on to a third party DCA. but now I have news.... FOS Upheld. Just waiting for MBNA's reply. Here's hoping that they don't appeal or delay. What I need help for now is drafting a letter to the FOS making sure that MBNA pay me in full rather than paying the DCA and sending the rest to me. And also in reminding them of MBNA's funny calculations (and their lack of a breakdown in their original offer).
  11. They've passed it to the adjudicator straight away. I might have some news for you very soon. Meanwhile enjoy my calculations and see if I've made any mistakes. I've used both sheets recommended, I don't know which one is correct.
  12. I SAR'd them long ago and have the calculations somewhere. I can post it up tomorrow if anyone wants a look. I forgot to mention that when MBNA sent their offer they didn't offer a breakdown or any calculations, so I had to use one of the spreadsheets here. This is slightly complicated by the fact that the interest rate changed a year and a bit after the account opened. In the space of I think 16 months the rate went from 15.9% to 34.9%. Edit: the main thing I'm concerned about is rejecting this offer and having to go to the back of the queue and waiting another 2 years, which would be
  13. New Letter from FOS: What do I do now? I'm hoping if I reject this I can go to an adjudicator straight away, but if not...........
  14. It seems that MBNA have responded.... I don't know if that is good or bad news, but we'll see.
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