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  1. It says that ‘failure to call Resolvecall within 7 days will lead to a personal visit being made by one of our representatives to your home’. ’To avoid the need for this action please call Resolvecall on 0141 212 8471’ I will ignore, and if they turn up film them & threaten with the police. H
  2. Well we’ll well! Got a letter today from Resolvecall (who is sent copy of the cca request to as well as arrows), saying that if I didn’t contact them on the number they gave, or the email they gave, within 7 days of receipt of their letter, they would be sending someone to speak to me. Shall I send them an ‘assumed right of access denied’ letter, or just ignore them. H
  3. Oops! thank you! I took it out in 2006, but had been paying it until a couple or 3 years ago. Arrows say cos I hadn’t contacted them, they had passed it on to resolvecall. I guess they are fishing then..... The CCA request is in the format in the thread you pointed me to. H
  4. Hi, Had a letter today from arrow saying that they had passed the account to resolvecall cos I hadn't contacted them. I'm planning to send a CCA request to both arrow and resolvecall. We will see what transpires! copy of CCA request attached. H
  5. It’s not an overdraft. Its for a loan through that bank. H
  6. I think I’ve rattled arrows cage cos today I got a letter about a Sainsbury’s Bank account from them, saying they’ve passed the account on to Resolvecall for them to visit me. I’ll send arrow a cca request this afternoon. H
  7. Hi, Well I've heard back and guess what? They say they are will make every effort to respond within the regulatory timescale, but responding by mail may take 8 weeks, and they've supplied an email address for 'my convenience'! They say this is because of Covid. I say tough! Also got 2 letters from drydens saying they've passed it on to their clients. I guess I can go back to ignoring them all again. H
  8. Hi, Thank you. My guess is that they will fail, as they have done before, so I guess I can carry on ignoring all correspondence. H
  9. Had 2 letters today. 1 from Dryden returning my postal order saying that it is no longer required, and 1 from arrow saying that there is no longer a fee required to process a cca request, and that my cca request has been passed to their admin department. is there a timeframe in which they must comply with the cca request? My memory tells me it is 12 + 2 days, is this true? H
  10. And so it begins...... Had a letter from Dryden this am, saying that they have received my complaint & that they are passing it on to arrow. Separately I sent the cca request to arrow, in the form of the letter in #2 you referred to. H
  11. No! I definitely didn't fill in THAT form. Anyway, today I got the form I did fill in, (the one with the advised sections as per the link), with the cheque and a note saying it was being returned because it is no longer required. I plan to send another cca request to capquest later on too. H
  12. Sorry. I sent their form and a cca request to the address at the bottom of their letter. the correspondence address was at the top of the letter & in smaller print. I sent a letter denying the debt and another cca request to that address. So, for the avoidance of doubt. I sent their form and a cca request, together with a £1 cheque to Dryden head office, in Leeds, and I sent a letter denying the debt and a cca request with a po to the correspondence address in Huddersfield. Sorry for causing confusion. H
  13. No no. I sent their form back notated as you suggested and sent a cca request. sent the letter refuting the debt to the correspondence address and a cca there too. H
  14. I used the letter from the section you pointed me to. I left out all my details from their form, and refuted the debt for the reason you said. ie they had not complied with a CCA request. I sent a new CCA request with a £1 postal order. H
  15. Hi, Rather stupidly I sent the form back to the address at the bottom of the claim letter. The cheque has still not been cashed either! Realizing my mistake, I wrote to the correspondence address they gave, refuting the debt on the grounds that they had not complied with a CCA request. I enclosed a PO for £1 and didn't sign anything. Is what I have done sufficient, or should I ask them for a new form. H
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