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  1. They’ll get an Sar back by return if they do. And I’ll report them to 101 if they persist in calling. just have to block their number. H
  2. Had a call on the landline from lowell solicitors. Is this the precursor to court action, I wonder? Can I simply block the number and ignore? H
  3. Well now there’s a change of tactics. Almost certainly due to this Covid virus though. Got an email from them (after they’d refused email communication due to me not providing loads of personal info) saying that there’s another important document’ waiting for me on a link. When I click the link, it says I have to put in all that personal info. easting my time? Or should I complete the form & read the so-called ‘Important document’? All the best, and I hope you are all staying safe, H
  4. So no need to worry then. Thanks. I’ll ignore everything for now. I’ll check, of course, but they can swivel now I’m 67! H
  5. Hi all, just checked my credit report on Credit Karma, and I’ve had a search from ‘Lexusnexus’. do I need to be concerned? Since they are a data mining company from the states, is this the precursor to potential legal action? H
  6. I have problems with my memory though, so I occasionally need reminding. Anyway, I’m going to ignore all the letters, and put it to the back of my mind. just hope nobody turns up here to hassle me!
  7. I’ve stored them elsewhere now, out of the home. ‘Chatting’ with London1971, I get the impression that I can safely ignore the letters. I hope that that is the case! When I get a reliable laptop/pc, (and quiet time to myself), I’ll sort all the scanning. I do have an external hdd that I can put them all on, at least. H
  8. Hi dx, seems an an awful lot of work just to store all that paper. woukd there be any consequences of me just shredding all of it? h
  9. It’s a letter from a while ago, and it’s a matter they’ve contacted me about recently. theres teams of paper to scan in!
  10. Hi dx, i have been through rough some of the past paperwork for some of these things, and came across a letter from crapquest which said they were no longer responsible for that particular matter & were therefore closing the file. Your thoughts? Also, can I just get rid of all the past crap from these people? h
  11. Hi, did you get visits? im guessing I would for an almost £10k debt. I think they’d see it as worth it.
  12. Assuming that the debts will die with me, what’s the harm of £1 a month. Precious little available for £1 a month really, to avoid the hassle! You do make a fair point though, about control. H
  13. Thing is, I’d never paid the parasites, just the oc’s Stopped paying last year & now I’m getting this hassle! never heard from the oc’s. ah well.
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