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  1. I have problems with my memory though, so I occasionally need reminding. Anyway, I’m going to ignore all the letters, and put it to the back of my mind. just hope nobody turns up here to hassle me!
  2. I’ve stored them elsewhere now, out of the home. ‘Chatting’ with London1971, I get the impression that I can safely ignore the letters. I hope that that is the case! When I get a reliable laptop/pc, (and quiet time to myself), I’ll sort all the scanning. I do have an external hdd that I can put them all on, at least. H
  3. Hi dx, seems an an awful lot of work just to store all that paper. woukd there be any consequences of me just shredding all of it? h
  4. It’s a letter from a while ago, and it’s a matter they’ve contacted me about recently. theres teams of paper to scan in!
  5. Hi dx, i have been through rough some of the past paperwork for some of these things, and came across a letter from crapquest which said they were no longer responsible for that particular matter & were therefore closing the file. Your thoughts? Also, can I just get rid of all the past crap from these people? h
  6. Hi, did you get visits? im guessing I would for an almost £10k debt. I think they’d see it as worth it.
  7. Assuming that the debts will die with me, what’s the harm of £1 a month. Precious little available for £1 a month really, to avoid the hassle! You do make a fair point though, about control. H
  8. Thing is, I’d never paid the parasites, just the oc’s Stopped paying last year & now I’m getting this hassle! never heard from the oc’s. ah well.
  9. I'm not panicking, I just don't need the hassle! ill write to crapquest then.
  10. Had a letter from them saying if they don’t hear from me in 7 days they will send a rep to my address. Don't need that hassle right now. Im sure I don’t have to contact anyone I don’t want to. I’ll write to them telling them that if they turn up, I’ll call the police. H Incidentally, could I just handle it all under an IVA?
  11. Are you saying they will just ignore it? how about disallowing them to share my data with a third party ie Resolvecall, under the gdpr regulations? H
  12. Hi, does that hat letter I found on here about disallowing random visitations still apply? i sent some out while I was looking after my mother, and while I got no acknowledgment, I also got no callers. H
  13. Ok. All contact in writing then. I'm on a state pension now, and v small private on. Total about £660. Not much left for me. Thing is, my partner has had a seriously bad experience with bad debt which has split her family, and if they turn up, I might find myself out in my ear. You will understand my need to avoid them calling! H
  14. Got home this pm to find a letter from capquest saying they will instruct a company called Resolvecall to visit where I live, if I do not contact them before 10 June. I’ve never heard of Resolvecall and assume it’s scare tactics. I have told them any and all contact must be by email, though I did that by text to a number they called on. H
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