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  1. Hi Thanks for this. The deposit is protected by The Dispute Service, we have a certificate of tenancy registration, and I can view the details on their website. We vacated the property on 29th September 2011, when our lease ended (the certificate of tenancy registration says that the end date is after 30-09-11, not sure if that's relevant). A check out report was carried out on 29th September - I was present in the flat during this and handed back the keys to the check-out agent, as requested by the letting agent (it was the same person who carried out the check-in report and gave us our keys when we moved in). Since then, I have heard nothing from the agent, other than to say that the landlord will let us know within 30 working days whether they want to deduct anything from the deposit. Given that professional cleaning was carried out, an invoice for this supplied to the check out agent, and presumably a report compiled by the agent, I feel that 30 working days is too long a time for them to take to do this, but I don't know where I stand legally on this one. Is there a standard time scale that they should let you know about deductions etc within? I have not seen a copy of the check-out report, and don't know the name of the company who carried it out (although I am supposed to be paying for it). I don't think the agent is worried about the time scales at all - they had originally scheduled our check out report for 11th October, but we complained about this as the property would have been empty for so long after we had left it and didn't want to be held responsible for any damage caused in the meantime. I haven't been able to find a deposit return form anywhere on the TDS website, but if there is a portion for the landlord to complete, I assume they will refuse to complete it until the 30 working day time period they have set for this is up.
  2. Hi, I have what is probably a really simple question about the TDS, but I can't find the answer anywhere. The information provided by the TDS in the literature we received at the start of our last tenancy states that "there are strict time limits for the return of the deposit if there is no dispute". Nowhere can I find any information on what these strict time limits are, and our letting agency is either incredibly unhelpful, or provides answers in broken english that are almost undecipherable, and usually contradictory. I'm loooking for a plain english answer to the following questions: 1. I assume there can only be a dispute once the landlord has advised you whether or not they want to deduct anything from your deposit. How long does the landlord have after the end of your tenancy to tell you if they wish to make any deductions? 2.If they intend to deduct money and you are in agreement about the deduction (i.e. there is no dispute) what are the strict time limits for the return of the deposit? I doubt my landlord is in breach of any timescales, or will be, as they seem to have a policy to sticking to the absolute minimum that they are legally required to do, but I think they will stretch this out as long as they possibly can. I need to be able to plan my finances in the time between paying the deposit on the new flat and return of the deposit on the old flat and am finding this difficult at the moment in light of the lack of communication from the agency - any advice anyone can offer would be gratefully received. Sorry again if this information is clearly stated elsewhere (as I suspect it might be).
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