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  1. Hello again people, Just a quick update, I entered a defence along the lines of a "prove it" stance against the above, defence entered about 5 weeks ago, I have yet to hear anything back from the court, but the postman brought me a letter from Arrow Global Ltd yesterday which reads. We write to the above and enclose Notice of Change of Solicitor by way of service on you. This matter is now being dealt with by our specialist litigation team. Please ensure all future correspondence, etc, is addressed correctly. Further to your defence, we confirm the outstanding balance relates to a HBOS credit card, opened on --/--/2002 and defaulted on --/--/2007. Arrow Global purchased the the outstanding balance from HBOS on 08/10/2010 and we have been provided with the contractual name and address in relation to this debt. We trust this satisfies your enquiry and look forward to receiving your payment proposal forthwith. There is also attatched a form which appears to be a court form, giving notice that Bryan Carter Solicitors LLP has ceased to act for Arrow and they shall now be acting in person. Does anybody have any suggestions on whether this letter needs acknowledgement or not in its own right? And if so what response would be best suited, I have been supplied no proof other than some random dates that have quite possibly been plucked from the air by Arrow. Is the dumping / withdrawl of solicitors at this stage normal practice for the DCAS? Thanks in advance for any advice
  2. Thanks for the speedy looking at my previous post Brigadier2JCS. Experian list the default date as 25/07/2007, which if it is correct obviously would mean that's a no-goer, although I remain unconvinced the date is correct, I have just checked my old bank statements online, and nothing went out in 2007 that I can't account for, let alone being paid to service this debt, is it possible or likely that this is statute barred, just struggling to keep our heads above water at the moment, and the last thing we need is a debt I thought was nothing I needed to worry about at the moment coming back to the fore. I also have a letter from Robinson Way, giving a considerably higher figure, at a date after the alleged default date, which there may be a very good reason for, but I can't get my head around.
  3. Hey all, Will try and make this as short and sensible as I can, I have received a county court claim form from CCBC, with action commenced by Bryan Carter Solicitors on behalf of Arrow Global Ltd. This is in resepect of a credit card taken out many moons ago with Halifax. I have heard nothing from anyone regarding the credit card, and I believe it is probably statute barred, but the time I have to respond to the claim form, doesn't afford me the time to get an SAR off to Arrow and get a response. The claim is set out thus: Particulars of claim: The claimant's claim is for the balance due under an agreement which is now all due and payable. The defendant agreed to pay monthly instalments under account number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx but has failed to do so. And the claimant claims the sum of xxxxxx The claimant also claim interest thereon pursuant to s.69 county court act 1984 limited to one year to the date hereof at the rate of 8% per annum amounting to 0.00 I am tempted to lodge the statute barred defence, but the fact this has arrived has just dropped me from around 100% certainty that my dates are right to probably 90% certain that it is time expired. There is no mention of any dates anywhere on the paperwork, and the interest charged at 8% per annum is shown as coming to 0.00, would the lack of a date suggest that my feelings are right? Is there any other way I can approach this that would be better? P.S. The monthly instalments they speak of are the part that I am 90% sure was over 6 years ago, and made to Robinson Way, who as far as I know still own the debt, the payments were stopped as Robinson Way started to get over eager to pester family members to get the money quicker and I withheld payment (maybe stupidly, but it's done now). Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello all, As my username suggests, I am a long time sufferer of the inadequacies of CSA, I will try and outline my issues in brief and any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. My CSA assessment started when I split from my ex wife in 2001, the initial assessment made by the CSA was errounous and too high, I appealed against it and CSA dug their heels in and said the assessment was right. I then told them I couldn't afford to pay the figure they were asking, which I most definitely couldn't so they took out a Deduction from earnings order. I was in the forces at the time, and on receiving the order from the CSA I was called in by my Commanding Officer on station, she stated that the amount was way too high, and the forces wrote back to the CSA saying as much, CSA still dug their heels in, the outcome of which was CSA saying the account was due the initial figure, the forces paying a figure they calculated to be correct based on my earnings etc at the time, and arrears accruing on the account. Fast forward to April 2003 and I had another child with my current wife, this as I understand it should also have meant a new assesment from CSA under the "new rules", this however didnt take place until Dec 2005, this meant a difference by my calculations of approximately £3200, as in the assesments over this time went from around £85 p.w. prior to my second child being included, whereas in Dec 05 when the reassesment was done due to my second child it dropped to around £40 p.w. Over the intervening months from Apr 2003 to Dec 2005. I raised this issue with CSA and they just said "Sorry these things happen, we probably had some IT issues". I approached my MP, who has become nothing short of useless and disinterested after initially showing a degree of interest in taking this on for me, I have also spoken to citizens advice bureau who have pretty much thrown their arms in the air and admitted they don't know how to sort this after some initial attempts by themselves to get to the bottom of it all. I have today received a breakdown of my account (after 18 months of asking) which backs up my sums, and am therefore sat here considering a further email to my MP, and possibly CC'ing the minister for work and pensions and maybe his shadow counterpart on the opposition. Just to add more to the whole complex situation CSA sent me a cheque 12 months ago, which they said was for compensation in view of their maladministration, it was for a nominal amount and to me is an admission of guilt on their part, but I would really like the other £3000 or so I have now overpaid by. Does anyone have any ideas on who to approach with this, it appears the CSA are not governed by anybody in a similar way as the financial ombudsman would oversee banks etc and not sure what options are open to me. Any feedback/ ideas would be most greatly appreciated.
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