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  1. Hi on my credit file it is showing 2 Lloyds tsb credit cards both satisfactory 1 for £360 1 for £489 i only have 1 card with a balance off £621,i phoned Lloyds they say i only have 1 card with that balance asked them why my report was showing 2 with a combined balance off £849 they said i dont no ( very helpfull) blamed the credit agency and told me to take it up with them any advice would be appreciated. thankyou
  2. Hi could someone please point me in the right direction for the templet cca letter please as cant seem to find it thankyou
  3. Hi All wont bore you with the details but i have been left high and dry and need to sell my house quick, i have been told about a company run by a Phil Martin of MRN he is suppose to be regulated by the FSA i have not checked this out yet. What they do is buy your house quickly obviously cheaper then the market value then rent it back to you if you want to stay, just want to know if anyone knows him or has sold there property this way and what happened. thankyou.
  4. I sent the access request to London morgage company 25 days ago but on the statement i recieved from crapstone today the £10 cheque showed up on there and taken of of the morgage balance. Dont know why they passed the account on i was in arrears but all the charges london morgage company kept putting on went on the arrears not the morgage balance so i would say out of the money they say i owe i probably owe a quarter of it. so do you advise me writing to L/M to remind them of the access request and what shall i do about crapstone sent them my morgage payment plus what i could afford off of what i do owe last month but have no agreement with them to do this. i dont frigthen that easy as long as i have people like yourself behind me. thankyou really appreciate your help.
  5. Hi All still no access request back from L/M but got one from capstone as they have only held my loan for 6 weeks and i see on it they have charged me 2 £300 interest charges take it these are interest on the arrears if so that seems abit over the top, if it is can i ask for this back. Also i see that the £10 i sent L/M for the access request has been taken off of my morgage. many thanks
  6. Right thankyou i have never had anything from them, CRA credit reference agency how do i report this to them is there an address somewhere please. thanks so much for your help.
  7. Hi all hope this is in the right place can anyone tell me if its possible to get a so call debt off of a credit report,this debt is from additions is not mine they hold no signed aggreement from me and are demanding £700. thankyou
  8. yes they both did that, can i ask i have got some arrears on this, i am just waiting for the paperwork to come back from L/M to see excatly how much thyey have laid in charges then i will start to claim it back,when this company take over the loan do the arrears still stand if you know what i mean.
  9. ok so leagally they can thats all i wanted to know really thanks.
  10. Hi All just wanted to know if legally can a secured loan be passed on to another company i am not trying to get out of paying this but just want to know if this can be done seeing that all the paperwork that was signed is with the original company. thankyou.
  11. Hi both they told me that it was not enough and i had to pay more i said i couldent so they sent me a form to fill in on the form it wanted to know excatly how much income came in each month so i phoned them and said i couldent say as my husband was self employed and each month varied, they said they needed to know otherwise they would not except an agreement. I have had a letter from capstone welcoming me and giving me a new account number, i am not trying to get out of paying just wanted to know if i had to except this transferre as i have not signed any paper work with capstone. have sent off yesterday a subeject access to L/M to see how many charges have been applied can imagine its alot.
  12. Hi all i had a second mortgage with London mortgage company they have imformed me they have transferred it to capstone, i am in arrears and have been paying my month payment plus £50 a month off of the arrears even though L/M would not agree to this and have been charging me every month, what i want to know is do i have to acknowlege this as i have signed no papers with capstone and continue to pay L/M or do i have no say in it. thankyou
  13. Hi all last year my son got out of the blue a demand from Lloyds for £3000 they said he owed on a credit card i sent for a cca which we never got today he gets a letter from apex saying they have brought the debt and for him to pay he rang them while i was out they could not tell him any details of the debt only the amount owed, so what do we do next any advice will be much appreciated.
  14. Hi all just wanted to no if its the same situation to claim back charges on a loan as it is on bank charges what i mean is are they on hold like bank charges while this court case gets sorted out hope this makes sense, as i want to start proceedings agaist HFC for charges on a loan. Thankyou.
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