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  1. Ok thats all I wanted to know. I really would have enjoyed having the power to get it thrown out just because the officer annoyed me the way he did it. (Edit) I think my rant is over, thanks all for the help anyway
  2. Fair enough but it is not as open as it looks. where it bends to the left it is very narrow & I was not even sure how long it was or where it would lead me to so initially I decided to everse & turn around, not a proble, until I got a bright idea
  3. So who thinks I should go for it I dont want to take too much of a risk though, I did stop to consult my map actually, did not think that was worth mentioning
  4. Basically I drove down the roand & ended up in a similer position to the red van & my intention was to reverse back & to the left but I had made it awkward as there was car parked to the right of me & I was too close, I aslo did not want to scuff my wheels where I needed to reverse as the street narrows & the kerb is really high etc. I should have reversed I know now I have learned a valuable lesson! It was just a lazy moment where I just thought I was taking the easy way out but the outcome could have only happened to me so anyway I drove on to turn around, there were no
  5. Ahh sorry, basically all the officer has written is: 'used vehicle on land/elsewhere other than road' Which is also what my drivway is isnt it? He did say I caused damage to the field which was nothing really, just a couple of black marks where my tires sunk but there were alot worse marks around the field made by other vehicles which he did not seam to care about as I said he was akward. However it does not say anything about this on my FPN but I did not know the process of what happens if I went to magistrates, will he try to add information other that what is on the ticket or is what h
  6. Hi, I am new to forums so let me know if I brake any rules, I apologise in advance if I do. Ok the other day I received a FPN from the police & I believe it is unfair & probably not actually plausible. Basically I drove down a tight road but wante to turn back around & I found myself near an opening leading onto a field, now I nomally would have reversed but as it was tight I did not feel confident so I just drove forward onto the grass/land to turn around but as I did on my way back I got stuck in a boggy part. Anyway as I was making the necessary calls to get help the po
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