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  1. Hi all, just a brief insight into my experience so far with UJM.


    I was presented the relevant paperwork on a recent sign date (15/11) and signed as normal on that day.


    Returning two weeks later with my completed jobsearch (29/11) to sign again, I had registered and begun using UJM on 23/11 and had applied for jobs through that service until 29/11, but the week prior to that I just applied to jobs via company websites etc.


    Interestingly, yesterday i received a letter saying; 'A doubt has arisen on your claim for JSA as it appears that from 16/11 to 22/11 you may not have taken sufficient or appropriate steps to find work.'


    So, it looks like I am due for a sanction as the letter does state that JSA cannot be paid until a decision is reached.


    I find it very much of a coincidence that the week prior to signing up to UJM has been flagged as 'you didnt do enough'.


    I am going in to the Jobcentre tomorrow and will report my findings back here.


    Looks like you've been found guilty before your trial then.

  2. Its ok I just read the page before Page 18.


    No doubt for rent payers to councils, the rule will be in the pipeline.


    Owner Occupiers


    81. Schedule 5 makes provision for the housing costs of owner-occupiers that are to be met within Universal Credit. These costs are; payments in respect of interest on eligible mortgages or loans, and service charges.

  3. You can see how much the companies get paid monthly.


    The Data is Available, you can download the csv (Comma Separated Values) file(s) and then import the data into a spreadsheet like excel or similar. Just make sure when you import the data to click the Comma box, so that the data opens up correctly in the spread sheet.




    How to import a csv file into excel



    There looks to be an awful lot of money sloshing about seeing as we're supposed to be skint.

  4. You will have the choice if you want to give the JCP access to view your account, but if you refuse to do that then you will be required to print off your job search activities from the universal jobmatch for each attendance at the JCP (both signing and advisory appointments), if you are unable to do that then you wil be referred to DMA to consider if a disallowance is appropriate (not a sanction which will also remove housing benefit, council tax benefit, free school meals, prescriptions etc and also mean that you won;t qualify for job grants and budgeting loans)) as you won't be able to prove that you were actively seeking.


    I read on another site that if you get sanctioned for 6 months for instance and you get Hardship payments, when you eventually go back on JSA

    You have to pay back the hardship payment money?

  5. I have just finished watching it all and tbh what a complete comedy of errors on behalf of Richard Devereux and Dr Bill Gunnyeon appearing on behalf of the DWP, neither of them could answer any question directly talk about skirting round issues. I never realised that to be permanent secretary to DWP you main verbal sounds had to be ermmmm, uhmmmmmm and errrrrrrrr, he almost punctuated every word with those sounds. I cannot believe that they had attended that meeting so unprepared.


    I fully applaud Margaret Hodge, she wasn't taking no prisoners:)


    In my experience its a good sign that people that do this are almost certainly lying. Allegedly.

  6. it's a shames theres not a simular system for stopping MP's expenses, they have the cheek to call people on benefits scroungers but they are biggest scroungers going!!


    And if they hadn't been found out, they'd still be doing it.

  7. Well I have the internet and there is no way I am taking broadband of as I need it for my jobsearch so if this is mandatory then I am safe lol, even though I am on jobseekers I can afford bt broadband and phone as I don't spend my money on drugs, beer or fags as I don't smoke!


    But the worrying situation is what if people who are on Jobseekers and this is mandatory and what if they have no internet? and who can't afford to go to internet coffee's? or even library? if they don't do this could they be sanctioned?



    Be interesting to see if the Library staff would let you stay in the Library for 35 hours?

  8. Sounds like the whole point of this is to give people impossible tasks to do so as to kick them off benefits when they can't do them. No doubt it will crash and burn when like every government IT project ever the entire system is proven to be impractical. Not been tested on the JC offices then, eh? My my... anyway, what's their justification for the hours in front of it? Surely, if it's automated, then once you program it with your CV it should send you alerts when it finds compatible work. Why are claimants being asked to sit in front of it? How can they do that if they've got pay as you go phone web access? What if there's no internet where you live, not even in the library if there's one left after the cuts? Why aren't Labour screaming about this? I can't see how they can begin to justify forcing this system on people when clearly it's not accessible to many, many claimants. If they did it properly it could be useful assuming non-IT-literate employers can put jobs on it easily. Aspects could indeed be useful but not the way they're doing it.


    Exactly what I thought when I read the first post.


    They will introduce anything that makes it easier to suspend your benefit, no matter how stupid it is.


    Kicking people off benefit and part time work is the main reason unemployment is coming down.

  9. In my opinion the recession was deliberately started by governments around the world to create the conditions for the cuts we are now seeing.


    That's why the recession will go on until they have made all the cuts they need. It all depends how far they want to go.


    It doesn't really matter which party is in power, they are just the mouth piece for Corporations.

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