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  1. Maybe if he'd have cut one of the security guards throats we might have got a different reaction?
  2. Most people have a good idea whats really going on at Atos, but its still shocking when you see it in black and white. All the sneaky tricks they use at the assessment. What twisted person wrote out the questions?
  3. I heard a pundit on radio 4 this morning say, The Work Programme's intended target is to get 35% of 'customers' into work. I nearly fell off me chair!
  4. Its ok I just read the page before Page 18. No doubt for rent payers to councils, the rule will be in the pipeline. Owner Occupiers 81. Schedule 5 makes provision for the housing costs of owner-occupiers that are to be met within Universal Credit. These costs are; payments in respect of interest on eligible mortgages or loans, and service charges.
  5. If your Adviser says you have to sign up, just ask to see the rule in writing. It has to be on Official DWP paper, not some note scribbled out.
  6. There looks to be an awful lot of money sloshing about seeing as we're supposed to be skint.
  7. I'm amazes anyone votes anymore. What real choice do you have? It's either the reds or the blues. And the party with the most money wins.
  8. They'll be saying youth unemployment's coming down.........now you know why.
  9. Have a read through this before you sign anything. http://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/2012/11/18/universal-jobmatch-do-not-sign/#comment-17052
  10. I read on another site that if you get sanctioned for 6 months for instance and you get Hardship payments, when you eventually go back on JSA You have to pay back the hardship payment money?
  11. "What is the cost of all the appeals?" Still waiting for the answer from the guy in the striped shirt. I just can't watch any more, its making me too stressed.
  12. In my experience its a good sign that people that do this are almost certainly lying. Allegedly.
  13. That player is pathetic. keeps stopping at 20 odd minutes.
  14. That is an excellent place to visit. I've just spent the last couple of hours reading numerous threads that branched off in all directions. If only a fraction of whats being talked about is true, its going to be a very frightening country to live in, if you don't have a job.
  15. Be interesting to see if the Library staff would let you stay in the Library for 35 hours?
  16. Exactly what I thought when I read the first post. They will introduce anything that makes it easier to suspend your benefit, no matter how stupid it is. Kicking people off benefit and part time work is the main reason unemployment is coming down.
  17. Well what do you know, unemployment has come down for the 24th month running! Even though no jobs have been created. Its magic. God help us.
  18. In my opinion the recession was deliberately started by governments around the world to create the conditions for the cuts we are now seeing. That's why the recession will go on until they have made all the cuts they need. It all depends how far they want to go. It doesn't really matter which party is in power, they are just the mouth piece for Corporations.
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