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  1. Well that is good news , but im a pessimist when it comes to sky connect and although i hope that im wrong heres what i think is happening.... Sky send you the Router and your line speed will be optimal ( mine was ) , the 10 day profiling is the time it takes for BT and sky to put you at the back of the queue for peaktime bandwidth, due to lack of infrastructure and or over subscription.. , i hereby wee on the fire and predict a slowing of internet connection by December . Actually i really do hope that it works out for you , fingers crossed...........
  2. HAAAAAAA just saw that im a year too late!!!!! some cavalry eh!
  3. Varifocals are a tricky subject i have been making them for 16 years and fitting them for 12 , the issuer of the original sight test should really have been your first port of call, but 90 % of varifocals offer a 30 day guarantee against NON TOLERANCE , do you know what brand of lenses they are? for that money they should be branded and fully refundable under the NON TOLERANCE GUARANTEE . If you have no joy with this at optical express then ask them for the make of varifocal and drop me a mail i will give you a phone number for customer services. A sneaky method is to phone Optical express explain that you would like to try varifocals but aren't sure if they are for you " what if i dont get along with them how long do i have to bring them back?" i bet the answer is 30 days , it is at boots V.E spec savers and every private Optoms i have worked for. Has your Mum worn Varifocals before? what was that brand? once a person gets used to one type of varifocal it can be hard to tolerate another brand! Also you get what you pay for! ( i realise you have paid a lot) , if you put the Prescription on here and tell me what she was sold then i can tell you if in my opinion it was necessary or oversold. Another thing is as stated by FullyBankcharged earlier on this thread the glazing heights and centers are imperative to good vision , if they are made wrong then she wont see . Good luck.
  4. Lol Bullsh*t Baffles Brains suggests that you are ex military? thats the only place i ever heard that expression! If you download more than 1.3gb a day they will Traffic manage you heavily....what speeds do you get after 5pm? ..... You are bang on the money with finding the servers in your exchange , i find the "sam knows best " site the best for that.
  5. What did the exec level guy say about the fact that they told you that you WERE getting 7.5gb? Im sorry to be the bearer of this ( bias bearer as am still a little bitter ) but i went through the same process , on monday or tuesday you will be told probably correctly that you are mis profiled and you will have to redo the leaving your router on for a few days whilst they establish your lines best speed. Misprofiling is common with connect and reprofiling sped up my day time speeds but the evenings were still slower than snail and erratic connections as it was only part of the problem. I agree that the service at this exec level is superb ( shouldnt have to email the MD of BSKYB to get it but hey!) and i can tell by your generous emails that you will give them the benefit of the doubt at every turn... but remember you are only here because you queued on their system and got lied to by that geek that almost certainly new what he was doing , ASK QUESTIONS ! Why does it slow down at 5pm on the dot? this does not fit with a line problem nor does it fit with a profile problem , what is my contention ratio ? . Oh and my last piece of advice and it will save your sanity is ask for their phone number! Answered within a minute no queues ....sweeet . good luck my Vulpine friend i honestly hope its different for you.
  6. Reading my original reply back i realize that i didn't highlight one of my main points very well , lower level customer services and engineers all told me ( and i think honestly ) that i was not being capped or choked due to exceeding my usage limit of 40gb because as they could see and i could prove i had only downloaded 17 and uploaded 7 gb in the previous 31 days . However once the problem was perused to a higher level the engineers and exec complaints dept admitted that the 40gb was broken into daily chunks of 1.3 gb and hence i was being choked for breaking my usage allowance! Its not in the terms and conditions anywhere and it really is quite scandalous
  7. Hi i sympathize with your situation but i can tell you yes 100% you have been lied to by a geek. The speeds that your router is showing are the maximum speeds that it can carry down your line , ie the speeds that you would receive with 0 contention and 0 traffic management by sky . They are the results of a test that your router carries out , but they are vastly different to the speeds you actually receive! I have had all of the same problems with sky connect and today having had them deinstall my sky + and give me my mac code , they have also compensated me 150 quid for my time and their lies. I will bet all of my money that your speeds are fine between 9am and 5pm , if they are not fine they will be faster at the very least! At 5 pm Sky "traffic manage" their broadband connect to death! I was getting speeds of 3 meg during the day and 600kb after 5pm ... for week 1! These speeds soon dropped to 1.5meg before 5pm and 30kbs after5pm and on the weekends! half the speed of dial up. I rang sky. Answer 1 . same as they told you .. i knew that was bull and explained his job to him , pride getting the better of him he said he knew that he was wrong but its what they are supposed to say!! Answer 2 ( after escalation ) its a misprofiling issue! took 3 days to sort it but nothing changed. Answer 3 Its a line fault we will fix it but its BT so we cant do it immediately ! 7 days later , no change . Here i Emailed lots of top brass at Bskyb , now we get service! i will pop the email address at the end of this sob story! Executive complaints at BSkyb got in touch , brilliant service , told me that i was not in breach of my useage cap ( 40gb ) but the connection was awfully slow and the top engineers would get on it straight away! I went through some rigmarole here and will spare the details but what i learned is this! 1. Sky connect 40gb usage cap is broken into 30 1.3gb units and if you use more than that in one day you are choked " traffic managed!" to less than 100kbs in my case . for 5 days ( my experience lasted 17 days at that speed! Their best advise from their top engineer was to turn my router off until Monday! * This appears nowhere in the terms and conditions and means that it is impossible to use 40gb a month . 1.3 gb a day is an entirely different proposal to 40gb a month and they are in breach of contract.Even their own call center staff at lower levels are not privy to this information. 2. Sky connect has no priority to bandwidth at peak times and at 5pm exactly it will drop to awful speeds. Sky admitted to me that this wont change and that they don't pay enough to utilize peak bandwidth in exchanges where they rent their hardware from BT. All in all it aint broke its just no good , and although they can probably speed you up a little by re profiling you , your broadband will always be compromised at peak times and you are penalized by downloading or using what is a very low level of data. The geek lied , i wish you every luck in getting this sorted . I emailed all of the following bigwigs and got a response within 48 hours. They will not admit to what i have just told you, but i guarantee they will not fix the problem. I just tried to post this with all the relevant email addresses but as its my first post im not allowed , so you should email jeremy dot darroch at bskyb dot com . Expect a reply within 48 hours , tell them that you have been fobbed off and demand to know the real reasons . Include your acc number and loads of contact details ie. Address telephone and email . I have more contact addresses but think this one will be fine . If not i have the escalated phone number for Sky it gets answered within a minute by a capable person . Let me know how it goes . gl.
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