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  1. Hmm yeah i guess so, I'll give them a call and see if they can do anything. I wont go down that road then. Many thanks for your help! I'll let you guys know what the outcome is
  2. many thanks for your reply! Gosh, this doesn't sound good. However I've been thinking about it and as I havent agreed to any contract or tariff changes doesnt this make my contract null? I feel I have been totally shafted as i have not signed or agreed to anything. When I phoned and asked for the texts the rep simply said, yupp I'll do that for you now.... Thats done! Nothing about tariff change, contract change, she didnt ask me to agree to anything etc so surely they are in the wrong?
  3. Hey guys! Am a newbie here and was hoping for a little advise! I am an iPhone user with the O2 network. I recently called up a representative from O2 regarding the internet data change that they are applying to their contracts. I was concerned being a heavy data user that I would be affected by this. The rep assured me that as I havent altered my tariff i wouldnt be affected by these changes. I thought yeah that sounds good. Anyways I have just recieved a text message from O2 saying that my unlimited data finishes at the end of this month. So i called O2 and the lady said that I r
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