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  1. Anticipation and excitement now extended, received this this morning: Good morning Please be aware that unfortunately the hearing on 25/02/21 at Canterbury County Court will not go ahead. The matter is being stood out of the Court list due to the Judge now having to deal with urgent children’s matters.
  2. The picture with the entrance signs really looks like it has been photo shopped as well I think they are trying to pull a fast one
  3. Thanks for this. I will add some of what u say to my argument in court if I get a chance. however just for info as you didn’t get to the end the ws states that the claimant states the signs were in place at the time of the contravention. ? Well they are good, with a 2mtr distance sign up 3 years early. Pre COVID signs
  4. They said it was in the CPR 31.14 pack but it wasn’t. Also its not in the WS bundle either s they might not produce it at court. Ther are loads of errors in the WS they supplied which if i get the opportunity i will raise in court. I will scan and post my defence tomorrow
  5. They have my WS and I have there’s scan it tomorrow. Date is set for 25th and will be by CVP.
  6. I sent an email as i was told to to Northampton BS and requested the info, they replied and said as it was now at the hearing court i would need to contact them. I did on 8/10 and 14/10 with no reply. I then contacted them on 27/1 and an urgent one on 10/2. I received a reply saying I needed to get the info from BW. Which I have just done. Bit late I Know. SBE The video and Photos I took back in 10/2018 but the ones they have sent through in the WS look more recent so NA i think ? No copy of a landowner contract received from BW even though they said they sent one ? I have only sent through my video and pictures plus my defence earlier, should I have done more ? I have taken a google shot of the car park from above to show where my pic are taken from. My pics show no disabled bays yet the google one shows them, so does their pics Planning permission no I have not looked into that where would i start ?
  7. I requested a copy of the N244 but have not received it.. The ws will be scanned tomorrow and posted they have put pictures of the signs in that i think were taken recently and not back when the alleged contravention took place. also ones that are not for the car park the car was in. Could take a few hours to scan and join up but ill try and find time.
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