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  1. Update Received a letter today saying that my case has been transferred to my county court. I am sorry to let you know that when preparing the file your defence could not be found. To ensure that the case progress in a timely manner, I would like to ask you to provide a copy of the above documents within 14 days of the date of this letter to the relevant local court. looks like they are pushing this to go to court, Shall i send in my original defence, which is still relevant ? Do i put in a counter claim for breech of GDPR a well ?
  2. I have received a letter from HM Courts and Tribunals service Northampton business centre. This letter states “ your directions questionnaire was not signed, therefore it may not be considered as a valid document if the case goes to a court hearing. I put in the signature. Defendant when I received the same form from them, BW Legal had signed it. BW Legal whats the difference ? advise pls do I sign this copy and return
  3. I have Received a letter from BW Legal this morning N180 they wish to go to mediation. They have not acknowledged receipt of my N180 saying No to mediation.
  4. I have sent the forms off as instructed and got them signed for tracked etc... No dx i dont have the N244.
  5. Can i change my name to schoolboy error its been a long time since I was a schoolboy. that is all they have sent me the original was sent to my sons address several times, when I pointed this out to them it was poo pooed, i claimed they breached Data protections etc. Ignored ! I will fill in the form, one for the court, one for BW. No info. And keep one for records. Am i missing something ?
  6. Ok Schoolboy error here I have uploaded what I have received today, sorry about the quality but thats how they sent it no expense on their part. Stay Lifted - DQ coming.pdf
  7. This is a follow on from the post I put up in 2018. It looks like now we are going down the small claims track and I have paperwork to fill in for Northampton CCBC by 24th September. They have rejected my defence ( no surprise there) have not supplied me with the information I originally ask for ie signed contract from the land owner for them to operate, so do i fill this in and go to small claims court ?
  8. ok had a letter from BW Legal dismissing all my defence ( thats no suprise ) begging me to pay or their client could still take me to court. Lets see where this goes now
  9. Not going to get a penny but will go along for the fun. Do I think it will be a local mediation or will they expect me to travel ?
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