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  1. Why not Sony,more like! So they dont just have to replace it? I didnt think so,i was thinking theres many scenarios where you wouldnt want a replacement. Thanks mate!
  2. Ok so i used to own an Xbox 360,you know those machines that overheat,i think they play games also but mostly they act as a radiator! Anyway it went red light etc and i swore never again.Anyway 2 years later and ive seen too many games id like to play and someone told me the new revisions hold up alot better.On this statement i took the plunge.... So yesterday i purchased a brand new Xbox 360 Elite,anyway i get it home set it all up and nothing,no light nothing! Everytime i press on button the power brick turns red,ive googled and the experts say theres no hope,for whatever reason it arrived
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