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  1. Well, if you thought you were overcharged in Dalaman, just stay well clear of Incheon, that is Korea. Oh my god, that is the most expensive airport in the world. And I have covered far too many airports in my days. 'bird
  2. Well, I packed as best as I could, and put all the very heavy things into a smallish suitcase that I can 'carry on' It weighed 17,5 kg, but looked light. Then I had 12kg, in my rucksack, that nearly broke my back. I was glad to get it off me. Then I checked in 2 suitcases, with a total weight of 29kg. The girl didnt make any question, as my limit was indicated on my ticket as 20kg. So, all in all, a good flight. 'f'bird
  3. Hello all, I have a 20kg baggage allowance. I expect they will be almost happy if I dont turn up at the check in desk with more than 25kg. But I have way more kg, I have 3 smallish suitcases, with, 10kg, 11gk, and 15kg. weight, plus 2 back packs, with about 8kg and 5kg in each I was going to check in the some bags what add weight to about 25kg Then carry the rest as hand luggage. So what happens if I get to the gate with nmy 15kg siut case ? and the back pack ? and the big, but light 2kg , box of toys for the kids? Will they take the 15kg bag off me at the gate, and put in the hold? I really dont want to pay overweight charges. I was planning on my other travel mate with me at the airport also, to just keep sit down, adn mind my additional bags, so the girl / guy at the check in dont see them ? vette
  4. hello all, I am having a very terrible time trying to open an ordinary current account. I don't want any thing special, just some where to have my wages paid in. I was adjudged bankrupt on 22 Feb. 2006. I was able to keep my only current account with Abbey, and have a visa card. but as I work abroad a lot, I find some times my abbey card isn't always working. I have been to a few banks to try open another account, even if they just give a cash card is fine. I will never need an overdraft. Can some one please tell me which bank I should go to, and which account I should ask them for? Please ''
  5. I will go and dig out the letter. Might take me a day or more. Thanks. G.
  6. yes, then nothing more. Is the process of reclaiming at a halt at the moment? is it likly to re - start again? G.
  7. Not heard nothing since my claim was stayed.. What should I do now? This claim was passed in at Warrington court. I had followed all the prelim letters, got my satements, and sent off a claim, thats when I got a letter from Halifax saying all the claims were put on hold. It's probably only £300 at the most, but I could really do with it now. G.
  8. , , , WELL MY RANT ! What about the blue badge holders who [edited] park in van loading bays !!!!! The blue badge scheme is the most abused scheme I know of, and needs drastic overhaul. Some blue badge holders think nothing of parking ANYWHERE !!!!!
  9. Thanks guy's There are 4 of us plus the boss, so quite a small company. He seems genuine guy, but who can tell. Well, I have made up my mind to leave. I am not due back in work until Monday 7th, so I will just work a week or two, then give him a weeks notice. I have booked a holiday for almost 4 weeks in Cape Town, from mid January, so when I get back I will look for another job. I might have a job in the offering, so all is not lost, it is with a client that I worked for when I worked for the guy I work for now. They said, (prospective employers) I have to leave where I am now, before they will employ me, leaving a gap, as it will look "head hunted" So this holiday will be the "gap". I just can't carry on in the current job with all the uncertainty of getting paid, I also know that we are on "stop" with our 2 biggest wholesalers where we buy 99% of our material. Now I am worried !
  10. Tell them by phone you are unemployed. Ask for a monthly 50% reduction. Works for me with Virgin. lasts for 6 months as a time this is a decent speed checker. it will also remember all your previous speed checks. Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test G.
  11. My current boss has a habit of bouncing the weekly pay cheque. I collect my weekly pay off him on Mondays, I deposit in the bank same day, By Friday, it is returned to branch. This is happening almost every other week. On the Friday that I find it is bounced, he then pay's me cash to cover the rubber cheque that he gave me on the Monday. It has ruined my banking schedule, as I have d.d's to cover. I have had two bank charges applied, which he has paid for me, but it has messed up my good record. I am a bit miffed-off, my wife is fuming, and is almost demanding that i tell him I will only accept cash on Monday's instead of a cheque, until he sorts out his banking. the weekly rubber cheques are around £400.00 What should I do, is it against the law to issue rubber cheques?
  12. Hello all, Has anyone started to reclaim the charges back from using a JJB sports store card. If so, could you please give me the address you found successs at. Also, what stage are you at, have you gotten anything back? Thanks
  13. hello all, As both myself and my wife have credit card accounts with Barclaycard, will the single £10.00 cover both, or will we have to send off 2 x £10.00 seperatly? Should I just send off 2 seperate, but similar statement request letters, and enclosing a £10.00 postal order in each one? Thanks
  14. Hello All, I received ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SERVICE from Hbos Legal Services, dated 20 September 2006. They indicate they will defend all of the claim. The Acknowledgement says they have 28 days from the date of service. What shall i do next. All advice gladly accepted.
  15. Friday the 6th is the 14th day. Court papers served 2 weeks ago. They said in previous letter that they would not give me a cheque if I was to win. Now Halifax closed both my current and credit card accounts. There is still money owe money to these accounts. I went voluntary bankrupt, thats how the acc. got closed. if I win, will they go against what they said earlier and issue a cheque, or can they put my charges into one of the accounts that THEY closed.
  16. Hello All, Fortunatly I did open another account. It is just a "cash only " accountand have only a cash card with it. Has anyone else had a cheque from the Halifax, instead of them paying into your Halifax current account.
  17. I went to check my Halifax account on-line and found access restricted. Phoned them up, 08457 20 30 40 and found out my account was closed by Halifax on 12/08/06 This is more than likly because I owed them 210.00 and they lost out when I went bankrupt. Not just for the 210.00 I must hasten to add!!!! How would they pay me the return of charges, assuming I win the case? I filled in the 3 N1 forms and submitted them to the court with the cash fee on Friday just gone. Will they post me a cheque? or what do they do, as they obviously can't transfer the money back into my account. Any one else had this happen????
  18. My Halifax bank account is frozen (bankrupt) will they send me a cheque?
  19. Hello all, I filled in the N1 forms in triplicate, and passed them in to the Warrington local county court, on friday just gone. I am looking for 1024.00 back. It cost me 120.00 as it was over the 1000.00 threshhold. The girl behind the window was vey helpfull, and read through my N1 form. She said the forms would be posted out on Monday, and would be considered served on Wednesday. What happens next anyone please.
  20. Hi All, Stopped off at the county courts today and picked up the pack for moneyclaim It will cost me 50.00 pounds to set out the claim, as I am claiming more than 300.00. Now do I add that 50.00 to the claim aswell? Or are they awarded as costs if I win?
  21. Hello all, halifax offered my 87.50 I am wanting 247.50 They say this is half of the last years charges, in goodwill. I sent them a template letter of thankyou, but no thankyou. Accepting this for now, but will pursue the outstanding ammount through the court if required. An an ending line of closing this request for my charges back with a non - hostile offer of the full ammount. What do Halifax do next, they only have to UP the offer by 170.00 pounds or there about, and I will accept. firebird
  22. I will follow you, I got the identical letter back from them. I then wrote a second letter to them telling them they must do better and try harder, and I want my statements. there second reply was almost same as first reply. i am just a bit stuck at the moment what to do next
  23. I got a letter back from barclays, saying only have 2 years statements on paper, rest is on microfish. So I wrote to them asking them to do better essentially, and produce statements on paper. They wrote back again saying sorry, but they are held on microfish, and they are not in account order, they added they were really sorry, and they knew this wasn't the response I was hoping for. Now what.:-?
  24. Hi All, I got a letter from Tracy Burgess, telling me that statements held prior to may 2004 are stored on microfiche. I have sent them another request, and this time say along the lines that i want what i paid for, ie: my 10.00 was for 6 years of statements, not just from June 2004. Anybody elses get the microfiche excuse. They also said in the letter i can have the ones prior to may 2004 at a cost of 3.00 each. Damn fine cheek!!!!!!!!!! I reminded them that they only have 9 days left.
  25. I don't use my Halifax current account anymore, and still owe them about 200.00 can I ask for a cheque, so I can put it into an alternative bank account, so they (presuming they settle) don't deduct the money I owe them. Now thats hard faced!!! I am looking for about 1019.00 off them
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