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  1. could anyone please point me to the right section of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 that is relevant to my situation? Tried looking it up myself, but it has 190 sections!
  2. Thanks for stopping by with all that, Trooper. The court order was in date. On a more positive note, my car insurance legal team have appointed me with a solicitor, so am hoping i can get my car back, or some money, that way. Will keep you posted.
  3. Kylie, have you got any further with getting your car back? Let us know how you get on.
  4. yes I did see it. He had a copy with him.... the young girl half my age who bought it 5 years ago and did the dirty didn't even bother turning up in court. He told me if I didn't hand over the car I would be arrested, so hubby decided to let it go. Will get hold of insurance in the morning, see what they can do. Take previous owner to small claims? Not sure.
  5. repo guys came and took it....they parked across our gate all day and refused to leave without it. Said they would have me arrested cos there was a court order out for the car. Hubby said to let it go. Am gutted.
  6. I am not sure yet, rcl. They said they would give me the details in an email, and that hasn't arrived yet. Will let you know.
  7. Mark, thank you for mentioning about my insurance... it seems i am covered on the Legal side, for this, and they are going to go ahead and fight for me.
  8. Got a phone call from the finance company this morning.... they are rejecting my claim of "first innocent buyer" under the HP Act of 1964, because the guy who sold it to me knew it had outstanding HP! Am calling Office of Fair Trading in the monrning, and my car insurance, who said they were prepared to fight for me about this. Any thoughts?
  9. Now there's a thought, Mark.... a phone call to my insurers in the morning, me thinks. Pretty sure i have a legal section added on.
  10. wow. Good point.... also, if you had the Repo man after you, and you sold it to your child, would they not be able to take the car because the owner is only a minor?
  11. No, that's just the point.... who keeps the advert???? I bought mine from eBay.... phoned eBay to see if they still had the advert, but they said after 90 days adverts are automatically deleted from their database! You can see why with the thousands of ads that must go through their site. Keep copies of your letters to them... and send them recorded delivery or special delivery, so they have to be signed for. These companies seem to be quite good at just ignoring letters, or claiming they never arrived. Keep in touch.
  12. Good idea, CCTV. Will do that. Will phone solicitor tomorrow. Kyleypie, that's awful! Read the posts above. Some good info. And let us know how you get on. I will do likewise. Best of luck. xx
  13. Thanks for stopping by, Mark. the Finance company have sent me an "Innocent Purchaser Claim Form". Should i fill this in, or will it incriminate me? The guy that sold me the car said when I phoned him the other day that he "sells lots of cars", but i thought I was buying privately.
  14. recoverybailiff I bought this car in good faith, and I am not going to just hand over the keys and wave it goodbye. I don't think it is fair that anyone except the person owing the money should have to fork out. Thanks CCTV and Surfer. Am still waiting on a reply from the finance co.
  15. Thanks for coming by and helping me out, CCTV. Have car tucked away... not going to let them have it. Office of Fair Trading helped me out by telling me what to write to them, regarding me having Title to the car. Sent letter today, so am keeping fingers crossed. If anyone can answer my questions from my first post, or has any other ideas on how to get this sorted, would be most grateful
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