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  1. Thanks for all your responses - I really appreciate it. As I said i'm not bothered about the NCB and if the insurance companies are having a battle with each other. I might as well contact them again to gain a bit more detail about the nature of the ongoing claim and how long it is likely to take to resolve, just as a matter of interest. It may well be that the if the police have decided that no action was necessary then the nature of any claims against each others insurance has become complicated. I'm just speculating. Thanks again.
  2. I was involved in a car accident in May 2009. Basically I was the last vehicle to hit a car after a vehicle had stopped suddenly on a busy stretch of road. There were 3 cars involved including my own. My car was quite old so the damage to it was enough that it wasn't worth fixing so it got scrapped. Since then I have had no car - don't reallly need one. I notified the insurance company and didn't hear any more from them. My policy subsequently ran out a month later. At the time nothing was said by the police officer and he just took a few details. A couple of days later he phoned
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