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  1. I would certain have satisfaction with that too and if it come to it would appreciate your help to do this. Thank you for this advice very helpful
  2. The latest was delivery 19th December and on the 20th we were told it was a broken order and someone would get back to us. Over Twitter today they said it will be delivered on 6th January and I asked if the broken order had been fixed and they then confirmed it was still a broken order? So that left me even more confused. I have not had a reply after that. It seems to be one vicious circle. Thank you for your help. Will see if I can speak to a manager on Monday and if not will go down the route of cancelling and trying to get money back... although really don’t want it on gift car
  3. The broken order, they say, is an order that has got stuck in their system and hasn’t got as far as creating a delivery reference so when it comes in stock our order isn’t there to fulfill. The current price isn’t cheaper.
  4. Thank you for replying. We paid by gift cards purchased through my work for an extra 8% off. The gift cards are used so it has not been refunded into there I do appreciate that the contract is not made however they have my money and they have promised 2 delivery dates before telling me it’s a broken order and failed to call me back to resolve. I have a small fridge freezer that we are using so not desperate and willing to wait for it to be in stock again ( they have had 2 deliveries already and dates verbally promised each time but as mine is broken order it was not recogni
  5. Help please I am at my whits end... We ordered a fridge freezer on 13/11/2020 for delivery 14-21 days. I called currys after we had had no contact and the Black Friday cancelling orders hit the headlines on 9/12. They assured me stock was coming in that evening and would receive and email to confirm delivery date no email. after many calls to them and lots of broken promises of delivery I was informed it was a broken order. Has anyone heard of this before? They promised a manager to call back This was on 20/12 and have heard nothing. Their phone line now just cuts me off. I canno
  6. So I sent all the requests off with the £1 postal order and only had the credit agreement from egg back - it is 14 days tomorrow - should I give an extra few days to take into account for thepostal strikes? Thenis the next step to send an account in dispute letter? I am in a DMP - should I ask them to stop paymenst to the ones who haven't obliged and sent me anything back?
  7. Hello again I have received my Egg card credit agreement back - can someone advise me how to read throu and check it and what steps I need to take next with this agreement. I have read on a thread somewhere that there are flaws in egg card agreements prior to 2005 but now cannot find the thread I can scan and upload after work
  8. Thank you I will do that the for my bank accounts and that letter requests all the bank charges too so 2 birds with 1 stone and for the loans and credit ards its this one qwith £1 PO am I right? This letter is a formal request pursuant to s.77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I require you to provide me with a true copy of the credit agreement relating to the above account, together with any other documentation the Act requires you to provide. I expect you to comply fully and properly with this request, within the statutory time limit. You are reminded that should you fail
  9. Just printed all the requests for signed credit agreement off and ill send tomorrow once I have bought the postal orders. Just a quick question - do I only do this for credit cards and loans or can Ido it for bank accounts too where overdraft is owing? Many thanks in advance
  10. Thank you - Citi contacted me of theire own back and asked if I was satisfied with their PPI - then put a complaint in on my behalf and refunded me £200.00 for it. Not sure if I had PPI on others but I guess when I get to the reclaiming stage the statements will show that. I was afraid that because I was on a DMP and making regular monthly payments to them it would prevent me going down the CCA route or might make them more aggressive in their contacing me for repayment.
  11. I have a DMP w ith payplan and am just looking into maybe reclaiming some bank charges with my creditors but reading on here maybe I should start asking for alot more. I really do not know where to start. Should I first be asking for a signed CCA beofre I go down the reclaiming chages route. I have 2 accounts with HSBC now taken over by DLC 1 account and 1 credit card with smile now with fredrickson 1 loan with A&L now with Tessera 1 credit card with egg 1 credit card with MBNA 1 credit card with CITA now cabot 1 credit card with Lloyds I know it is
  12. Just Realise I Hadn't Put My Claim Number On For You Guys 6qz75931
  13. Thanks for that I have put in the pack my letters prelim and lba then my statemenst showing the charges then my charges spreadsheet then the bundle and now am just number ing the pages to make my contents page. think thats it I hope make 3 copies send one to court with your court number on front - one to barclay and keep one for yourself good luck
  14. I am so scared now - barclaycard actually go to court I thought that it would all be settled before hand - GULP Can someone send some nice words of advice to me as I am bricking it
  15. Right just about to send the bundles off and am indexing the pages - I can't dind where the UCTA 1977 ends and soga begins or the oft summary begins?? Sorry I am confussed edit - found the soga bit now just looking for the OFT summary - WHOA this is soooo daunting
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