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  1. hello, Because I am in a wheelchair and what relevant does this have to whether I can speak or not. They have asked a personal question to have no bearing on the case. How to I enforce the order?
  2. Hello, It is a DDA case. I do not want to add anymore details at the stage. 1.The defendant asked in a letter if I can speak or if people understood me. It has no bearing on the case whatsoever.How can I complain to the judge as was very hurtful? 2. The order was for the defendant to explain why no mediations. The judge give either of us to set aside this order, stay etc. What should I do?
  3. hello all, 1. One side me the claiment wants to go through mediation but the other side refuses. From legal advice I have a good chance of winning. Will the defendant aviod settlement if they think they are going to lose or is this intimidation on their part? 2. Judge have ordered defendant to explain why they wont go to mediation? Does that mean judge thinks I have good chance of winning because judge have asked this? 3. With regards to number 2 judge giving both defendant and I to either set aside, stay etc. What is the best for me? 4. In a letter teh defendant was offensive. How can I complian to the judge. What is the best way? By order or just write a letter to judge? thanks
  4. Hello all, I have an ongoing court case where the defendant name is wrong. The defendant are trying to strike out my claim because o fthe wornd name. In the letter before action they responded by sending a letter with one address but two company names at the bottom of the letter. Both are similar name. It was not clear who the letter was from. So is there a form I can use to change the name? If yes how do I go about it? Do I need to attend or should a hearing for this? Thanks
  5. Hello, As with regards to DDA small firms are exempt from the DDA. I think if there are less than 15 employees working for a firm than you cannot have any reasonable adjustments under the DDA, for example as a carer to look after your daughter as she is disabled.
  6. Hello, If you are unhappy then put a grievance in. However from reading his email he has not stated any names. I think what he is doing is fair.
  7. Does anybody know what the ebay registered UK address is? thanks
  8. Hello, I had an issue this year and was advised by both an employment solicitor and union that ET will throw out. The ET are sayin that too many cases of CD goinmg through and failing because of the grievance. I did look at this myself.
  9. Hello You need to put in a grievance before you can claim constructive dismissal. The ET will throw the case out if you do not follow the procedure even though you are not in the wrong. I have two disabilities and been there twice. CD is very, very difficult to prove. I was assaulted at work and thought about CD but was told by union and solicitor that I needed to put a grievance in first. I now have a personal injury claim. The reason why I ask if this was an injury as a result of work then possibly you have a personal injury claim. Did your doctor suggest what the caused was?
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