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  1. I can sympathise, until I had spoken to the right person it was extremely difficult and frustating to say the least! However, I have had some faith restored that if there is a genuine issue that the company will take notice, it just may take a while. Personally I think it wouldn't hurt AC to employ a couple more customer-focussed people within the company (possible even some that come from a non-motor trade background), as when the right person looked at my case he took ownership of it until he could come back with a resolution, calling a couple of times to keep me updated. The company could seriously increase their feedback if they had more people like Alasdair within the business. From my case, I can imagine just how much information he would have had to go through; there is no way 1 man can take on everyones problems (if AC think he can they should pay him more!).
  2. Hiya, Can you tell us who you bought the car from, and what kind of car is it? A dealer can't simply sell you a car without any recourse, if something goes wrong that is why the SOGA is there; you would need to go through the right process first but there are laws in place to protect buyers to an extent.
  3. Hiya, Is there any update on this thread? I have been watching with interest and hope that you are getting somewhere.
  4. Hiya, It sounds like a very unfortunate situation. I don't have years & years of motor trade experience, but I do have years of consumer action experience and my advice (just a personal opinion) is that you get a meeting with the lawyer and ask what they intend to do to progress your case. All correspondence that they send should have your copied in anyway; explain that you are extremely annoyed that you had trusted a previous solicitor who has let you down and ask how they can get this case back on track as quickly as possible. I hope all goes well with your case, please do keep us updated.
  5. Hiya, Is this a trade or a private sale? You mention trade, but also say you drove it round the sellers house? Do the consumer laws apply to private sellers who don't sell for profit?
  6. Hey Scaniaman, Sorry mate, I was away for a long weekends holiday. I am pleased to report positively in that Alasdair was true to his word and he looked through my case in detail, updating me as he went along and asking questions he needed clarification to. AC have put something together, and I have written to accept their offer; which will conclude the matter and the car will be returned to them. Mine was quite a complex case, those that I spoke to will understand, and I am delighted that there are good people in the right places within Arnold Clark, who listen to customers and correct and assist where others have ignored. I will let you know when it has all been done & dusted; I know quite a few had sent me PM's, if you have any questions please drop me a line however like I said I won't disclose any additional details regarding the settlement.
  7. You need to give the seller a reasonable period in which to fix the car (exactly what the period is would be hard to determine as I don't think it has been tested). My advice is put it in writing what has happened, ensure that you keep copies of correspondence. If the car comes back again faulty I would imagine that is more than a reasonable opportunity however I am not a lawyer, but it is my interpretation!
  8. Hi Lillies, Sorry to hear about your situation, that is just shocking. I would advise that you put everything in writing; follow up each phone call with an e-mail or letter to them. When did you buy the car last year? I am expecting to hear back tomorrow, so will let you know how I get on.
  9. Touche sir! Difference is I haven't bought anything from a politician!
  10. Hi Lex, I understand that, sorry mate, what I meant was that people will follow a case that is successful regardless of the court. If someone manages to win their case, then that will give others the confidence to follow suit. There have been a few people messaging me in simelar positions, I beleive that if they were to see me succeed that they would do the same as I did.
  11. Absolutely mate. Although in saying that this chap looking at my case has been the first that has actually listened! He has said he will be coming back with a reply on Tuesday; like I said though I still expect this to go legal! The main trouble I have had is getting someone to listen; you present people with evidence to make your case as clear as day, yet some still reply with something that has totally gone against the written evidence you have provided! Should people be employed in that capacity if they lack the ability to read the cold hard facts and reply appropriately? Am looking forward to Tuesday with great anticipation though, have had quite a few people contact me with simelar problems so think they all want this to go to court too so that they will have a precident to follow!
  12. Companies normally have a standard 30 day warranty on used cars, thereafter you can normally purchase extended warranties. Firstly you need to check over the paperwork to see what you have. From my experience of my current case, I would say that you should put everything in writing; even if it is an e-mail to them, stating what was found to be wrong and that you have asked them to fix it. Make sure you list exactly what the issues were in case you need that evidence in future. I don't know if they are under obligation to provide a courtesy car, however I would expect a courtesy car if I was in your position as you need your car to get to work.
  13. Cheers matey! I will let you know what happens, I have done all that I can; I am happy that someone at AC is having a look at things, however like I said I beleive that they will come back with an offer for me to keep the car which I don't want to do so I do still see this going to court. At the end of the day, under SOGA, as the car was rejected within 6 months, it is up to AC to prove that the faults weren't there - it's not up to me to prove that they were. With written evidence, and copies of job cards from 2 of their own garages, I don't see any way that they can argue that the faults weren't there and hadn't been fixed in 6 attempts! My lawyer is ready to file a court action against them, all we are waiting on is AC coming back with what they can do before we proceed. It might take some time and cost money, however as I was always taught when working in Insurance - make sure you get everything in writing, and that I certainly did!!
  14. I certainly will do mate! Like I said, I think they are trying to negotiate a deal for me to keep the car, however after all the aggro they put me through and all the problems the car has had it would take something special for me to consider touching the car again. After that whole BBC thing, I think they need someone to put this to court to demonstrate that consumers do have the power when things go wrong. From what I hear, AC don't seem to take cars back and all it takes is 1 person to prove it can be done and the rest will surely follow.
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