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  1. They have the goods back. You may not receive one. You could he worrying for nothing. There is a good chance you won't hear anything. Take a deep breath, stop worrying. When the email or letter arrives deal with it. It's a civil matter, no police will call, social services won't be told. It's not criminal. Rlp is not a fine, it's a request for compensation to them. As there was no loss it's difficult to ask for compensation. Meanwhile, don't do it again.
  2. Deadpiratesteve - thank you for that and the link. I suspected that, have used the Shelter site before just not for that. Thanks again.
  3. My understanding is that's all periodic tenancies become a monthly rolling contract at the end. However we were told by our agent that was not the case and our yearly contract would end causing the landlord to serve notice. it will be interesting to find out the answer from someone that understands the legalities of this.
  4. Potentially, the assets of the marriage will be spilt. There are lots of issues here and questions arising. If you want to stay married, then simply rewrite your Will, cutting her out from your estate. Make provision for her with a token gift and leave the rest to your daughter. If your daughter is still a minor on death it will be easy for your wife to contest the gift but any decision will be made by the court and not you. Is the house owned in joint names? Bottom line here is, whilst you are married she will be entitled to claim - which is fair under En
  5. Honeybee13 sure would concur. Meanwhile the law is clear on these issues. Key for him will be do get a divorce under way and deal with the 'child issues'. The Will, will then become a secondary issue.
  6. You don't need to leave a valid will. Which means you can destroy your current document. Divorce or marriage means your Will be invalidated - so it will need to be redone (there are some nuances here). If you die without leaving a 'valid Will' your estate will be 'intestate' https://www.gov.uk/inherits-someone-dies-without-will you can rewrite your will leaving her out of it - but she will be able to contest that, meanwhile if she dies as US national there may be further complications. Meanwhile, start the divorce proceedings.
  7. This seems to be a commercial matter, not a consumer one. I suggest you refer to the original contract with them which will outline the rights and obligations of each party. If one has breached the terms then you have a right to end the contract or take action. Specific legal advice may well be required.
  8. It's a clear attempt to reduce the overall tax liability, however is likely to have more benefit for the employer. Making a member of staff a director just to enable expenses to be paid seems like a convoluted way of going about something that should be simple. Work as employee - pay tax at source. Work as self employed - pay your own tax. Seems like this agency wants to have it's cake and eat it. Nothing that employee expenses can be used to reduce corporation tax and it's a perfect model if you can charge your staff for the privilege.
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