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  1. FTM Dave.Thanks SAR sent today. Thanks in advance.
  2. We have copies of the letters x 3 sent to the debt collectors. No copies of the document returned originally. Part of our years is spent in Spain, we think some documents are there. But not back until July. No certificate of posting - well not on the early documents Waiting for their witness statement to determine the original claims and letters, but nothing so far since the acceptence of mediation - which now seems like a bad idea.
  3. Ok, thank you for you help on this one. I will look out the original papers - some time ago so not sure. But as you say, they will duplicate them in the witness statement. Richard
  4. That is how it seems to me. I'll be honest, I am surprised they have not responded to it or the offer made. But fully understand that these are not 'normal' businesses, neither does it seem are the solicitors involved with these cases.
  5. Have agreed mediation. Hence the offer. Now waiting for the court I assume.
  6. I do have part of the file, usually debt collector letters. Thought, notification it was the right thing to do. There were at least two insured drivers at the time. In all fairness the amount of time it has taken so far, were happy to settle. So offered that at after, initial court notice. And we always understood there would be keeper liability - irrespective. Driver was notified to them on their initial notice, no reason not to. Ignored completely by them as you can see. SAR sent quite early on. Not once have they replied positively to the notification, or it would have been paid. Assumed that they had dropped it, originally dates back to July 2019 - ticket left on windscreen. We were all back and forth from Spain at the time and the car is shared. Once papers have been sent it was forgotten. I'll have to see what documents are available - I have recent ones digitally. Have agreed mediation but not sure what that that will solve. Their solicitor has refused £60 in favour of the full amount under the money claim.
  7. FTM Dave - thanks - bit harsh, but of course accepted. Not my field. Just wanted to get the points out. No copies of letters, seem to think that the original notification letter (PCN) was returned naming the driver and not a letter. But here are the follow ups. I am not around now until this evening but will respond then if you need any more. ZZPS Limited December 2020 - Google Docs.pdf
  8. Well that was my original question about CPR 31... SAR was done early on in the process- no reply. Meanwhile, there was me thinking it made sense.
  9. We don't have any original documents, or original PCN nor has claimant replied to SAR or provided any further evidence. This is a copy of what has been submitted so far and we have responded in full and sent separate letters accepting some liability, understand that this is under the POFA rules. . DCB Legal May 2022 letter - Google Docs.pdf
  10. That made me smile. No, to them directly in order to get it off my desk - well and to see if they would show their hand in some way. I will get the 'filed defense redacted later on today.
  11. No link, can't seem to find it. Thank you.
  12. I didn't want to give away more information than is required. I am part way through one of these, having filed a defence, made an offer in settlement in order to avoid further action and in an attempt to settle as keeper. Should I bother with a CPR 31.14 Request at this time or wait for some directions from the Court? Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you in advance.
  13. For sure, just thought it may be easier - no problem. Thank you.
  14. Court case with UK CPM and Gladestones Solicitor what do I do? - Private Land Parking Enforcement - Consumer Action Group I am part way through one of these, having filed a defence. Should I bother with a CPR 31.14 Request at this time or wait for some directions from the Court. The driver has been identified, but ignored by them. We have offered a settlement as 'keeper liability' only but this has been declined. An update on this would also be interesting. Thanks in advance.
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