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  1. Hi - I have a payday loan with Wonga The loan was for about £600 but due to money problems and job problems over a 3 month period they have managed to add over £1500 in charges i now owe £2187.70 They are adding on £150+ per 5 days i have tried to talk to them but they just demand the whole lot, Can anyone give me any advice on how to deal with this, Many Thanks
  2. Hi - I have a Loan with Beneficial Finance taken out in Feb 2007, I too PPI out and when I needed it I was refused so I cashed in the remaining and spent it, I was making regular payments on the loan until this point then I have 8 months off unpaid and couldn’t afford the full monthly amount then I was made redundant in November 2008 and then reemployed in Feb 09 but I still owe more then I took out, Can anyone give me advice on what I need to do or what I can do to get this cleared and get my on track. Many Thanks
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