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  1. Hello, Ive had a few emails to notify me about uipdates to this thread and i just thought i would share the outcome with you. After a lot of letters back and forth between myself and TFS not to mention i hid the car so they couldnt find it tfs finally backed down and agreed that if my partner payed all sums outstanding including the fees from the repossesion agent she could keep the car. Not everyone will agree but after carefully discussing it between us we decided that this would be the best course of action to take in our circumstance Regards Mark
  2. Hello I was wondering if anybody can give me any advice on a matter regarding my partners car. Ill try and keep it short because the full story is quite long and boring but basically my partner has missed what was 3 now 4 payments on her car. She has recieved no letters due to moving house a number of times and the first she heard there were problems was when one of their 'agents' turned up at her parents looking to repossess the vehicle. She called them as soon as possible to try and sort it out and bring the arrears upto date in full. One of their supervisors who we both spoke to w
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