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  1. Oh, I didnt know that :/ I wanted it because its got a good graphics cards etc because i only use laptops for gaming. There isnt any other laptops for that price with the same specs :/
  2. Yes i know, So why wont it let me pick that option? It clearly says on the item that i can pay by the "simply 10" method, yet it wont show up when purchasing the laptop. Does anybody know why? :/
  3. Hey, I was going to buy a Refurbished Acer Laptop and i was going to pay it buy the "Simply 10" Finance option (It was one of the options whilst finding a laptop), Which i pay £45 a month for 10 months. I added it to my basket etc and only the 48 month payment comes up for Finance :/ Does anybody know if i can even buy it by "Simply 10"? Thanks, Ross.
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