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  1. Thanks both for your feedback. Deposit payments were made to the dealer through debit card, and thereafter monthly by direct debit to the finance company. The reasons for the delay were (1) a (misguided) belief in the dealer's undertaking to resolve the issue under warranty, and (2) workshops being close due to COVID lockdown. The narrative in the letter attached should fill in the gaps in detail. The finance company response requesting an independent evaluation is what prompted the main dealer inspection, which revealed the changed engine - I di
  2. Thanks dx100uk for your reply. I'm confused about the "you started this within the 30 days limit" comment. Whilst I notified them within days of the purchase about the EMS light coming on and a repeat of the power loss issue observed in the test drive (hence pre-existing), coupled with a visit to their dealership and also confirmed by email, nevertheless I didn't write a CRA rejection letter until April, being 7 months after the point of sale. I thought the legal obligation was therefore on me to provide proof, given the time elapsed, and it wasn't so simp
  3. Hi there I'm looking for some advice / further support to get this over the line, please. Basic facts: bought a low mileage used car (38k miles, 2013 plate) via hire-purchase finance in Sept 2020 (8 months ago), car had a brief loss of power on the pre-purchase test drive, mentioned it to the dealer's rep in the car, but didn't happen again and they said if there was any fault it would be covered by warranty yellow EMS light came on 3 days after buying and taking possession, told dealer, but with garages closing due to COVID, they said it was a warranty issue but would
  4. No, never had a visit, and I've not had any cards for a while. Instead I'm being chased via phone and letter by a company called "Castlebridge Credit Management". Their latest letter has advised me that "The Money Shop have indicated that if the outstanding balance is cleared within the next 30 days there is the potential that you may be able to use their services in future" ... oh, seriously?!!
  5. Thanks PGH. Their choice of the verb "call" does leave it unclear whether this is a visit or a telephone call, however given that they're always doing the latter, I anticipate the former! I'll tell the "scroat" to beat it! Will my indebtedness be increased by a "charge" for this visit? Once I can pay the capital (hopefully Jan/Feb), I assume I should transfer the original amount only to them and tell them to sue me for any difference (interest/charges/etc.)?!!! Lamp
  6. Hi I've posted previously. I have an outstanding £750 loan with Moneyshop, taken against cheques from an account that later went into default. I paid interest charges for a couple of months. However, as I missed the latest (November) interest payment as I couldn't afford it, the Moneyshop presented the cheques which the bank then refused to honour. The Moneyshop took November's interest payment of £117.50, plus a further £75 charges, without permission from my wife's bank account, as I had used her debit card the previous month (I've since cancelled the card!). I answered the
  7. ... just out of interest, are the original bank within their rights to return guaranteed cheques because they are drawn on a defaulted account? There stance is that I acted fraudulently because the cheque date is after the account went into default. However, I wrote the cheques prior to the account going into default, but omitted the date as required by the payday loan company. It was the loan company therefore that inserted the date prior to cashing the cheques. I only ask as it would be the easiest solution for the bank to honour the cheques and add to the total default sum.
  8. Thanks RobJam and MsW for your replies! Yes I've opened a new bank account (and will certainly not allow the Money Shop to get the details!), and the previous one is in default, yet their "solicitors" readily agreed to £50pcm repayment pending my re-employment, which in itself is a result as I was previously paying £280pcm to service the loan. Also, I'm not seeking advice on the car HP. I believe each party's rights in the contract are clear to me, including the impact of early termination of the contract. I have not yet paid 50% of the value for a simple termination of the agreeme
  9. Hi I was made redundant from a well paying job several months ago, and have struggled to get back into full-time employment (a matter that should change in the next month or two). Since redundancy, I put in a claim for benefit, which was unfairly disallowed, and I had no income and no resources for several months, and debts, arrears and charges spiralled around me. This culminated in my bank closing my facilities and registering a default. Last week the benefit decision was overruled on appeal, which has given me a small lump of backdated money with which I need to appease as m
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