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  1. Happy Holidays Everyone, Im so ****ed off at Clarity, PTP have passed my debt to them, I know some of you guys have dealt with Clarity peacefully but the lady that answered the phone was very rude and SHOUTING at me saying "Why in the hell do you think that £10 per month is reasonable" for a debt of £578?????" so i just put the phone down on her and emailed them saying i will not tolerate this king of atitudem and stuck to my repayment offer NOT NORE NOT LESS... Im so stressed i dont need this at this time of the year. PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
  2. Hi All, hope u're all ok, just to give you some updates, so far EPDL, Wageday and Payday Express have agreed on repayment plans, still waiting for PDUK and PTP. PDUK and PTP have said that they would pass this to a DCA (last week) so far no phone calls or emails about it. Ill wait... no rush
  3. Lucy check my thread Payday Loan Mess!!!! I 've been through it all, so i closed my bank account and opened a new one....
  4. No Problem Lucy, Im also waiting to hear from Punds till Payday but i think they are to pass my details to Clarity shortly...
  5. Hi Lucy, I've got some for you: EPDL - Barclays Bank - 20.97.58 - 23985261 Wageday - Barclays Bank - 20-45-14 - 90931772 Payday Express - Barclays - 20.24.61 - 30066850 Payday UK - Barclays - 20.77.67 - 70610534 Weird that they all bank with Barclays isnt it?
  6. MR W ignore the smiley face, it supposed to be an eight....
  7. MR W, does this sound better: I would also like to make you aware that because of your lies and deceit I have incurred a further £150 in charges from my bank regarding the bounced cheques you have presented on the 27th of November (NOTE you advised me that you had destroyed them last year when I cleared my previous balance of £500 by debit card payment on the 3rd of June 2008)
  8. MR W thanks for all your help, is the below ok to send recorded delivery today to the [email protected]@tards: I am writing to you for the third time with regards to my account. As you are aware I am experiencing financial difficulties and have on several occasions asked for your co-operation within this matter. To which you have neither acknowledged nor assisted with my request, because of this and if you do not agree to my 'request for help', I want you to take me to court to recover the monies owing to EPDL where I can ask to be 'means tested' by the judge. I would also like to make you aware
  9. Morning Mr Worried, I didnt know they kept my lloyds tsb cheques, i gave them last year and cleared the whole balance by card payment.They said they would get rid of them, but they didnt it.So i re loan again this year but on my A+L account and gave them some cheques again, which i assume they have tried to cash but i have close the account so because they still have the lloyds cheques i think they decided to have a go? MR W what should i put on the letter??? atm i feel like just writing "im not paying anything take me to court if u want to...
  10. Hi Guys, Im SOOOOOOOO ANGRY with EPDL, they have used some old cheques from my previous experience with them and tried to cash them on my lloyds account, i got home last night and received a letter from lloyds saying the cheques bounced( 5 cheques of £100) SO NOW IM going to incur a unpaid cheque fee of £20 each cheque and also because i asked LLoyds to put a stop on the cheques i also have to pay £10 fee for each cheque so that adds another £150 to my debt.IM SOOOOOO ANGRY with EPDL why did they do this????? The only thing that is going through my head at the moment is to email them and
  11. Hi Guys, just got an email from EPDL: (We finally received your letter with reference to repayment, we can accept £ 50pm over 11 months which will clear the balance with no charges added. Gerry EPDL Collections 08456531365 This email has been scanned for all viruses by the MessageLabs SkyScan service.) I replied saying as stated on my income and expenditure the maximum i can afford is £25. So im now waiting to see what they say...
  12. Hi Guys, Another update for you, Pounds till Payday have called me (i didnt answer of course) and someone called Nonsy Jones left a voicemail saying if i dont conctact her today they will pass my account to a debt collection company which aparently can go door to door (thats what she said) Should i believe this????
  13. Hi Mashmallow, I know, the last thing i want is to not enjoy the xmas holidays. Thanks for your support.
  14. Hi Guys, An update for you, I 've just got off the phone to Wageday and they've accepted a repayment plan of £25 per month with no fuss whatsoever.A lady called Liz Berry was very helpful setting this up for me.Thank God for this.So im still waiting for PDU and EPDL now....
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