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  1. OK great thank you so much for your help, I just needed a bit more clarity as lost other half parents to covid this year so don't want more stress
  2. So can they still take me to court? Or just attempt to recover it?
  3. Well its more than 6 years since I made a payment to them, but not 6 years of contact with them? Do that make a difference?
  4. Do dept collection agency buy SB depts? Can they put it on your credit file? Sorry for so many questions
  5. Yes have checked the number and it says Scottish Power collections, they passed it to a collection agency a couple of years ago but told them it was in dispute and to give it back to SP which they did, what happens ifvthey sell it to a debt collection agency if its SB? Its hasn't been on my credit file for years?
  6. OK sorry, sent Scottish Power SB letter but started getting phone calls everyday again and voicemails from their collections team I think, they have ignored SB letter I sent so do I just ignore it still please?
  7. Hi Yes sent SB letter and got it recorded delivery and its been signed for A
  8. Hi, Yes SP havent been very co-operative so im expecting something like that to come back, so do I just ignore all future correspondence? Thank you for all your advice you have all been a great help A
  9. Thank you so much for all your help I will be able to sleep better now as this has been a weight hanging round my neck for ages. I will print off and send them the letter A
  10. So do I just ignore it and the Ombudsman and send them the letter you said about please?
  11. So will I have to pay it now they have re opened my account and it is with the Ombudsman?
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