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  1. At last I'm back online-computer battery was screwed up and couldn't access any information Application for fees online was submitted and in post #316 the court confirmed they had received it and so it had to have been submitted. Court will be contacted again tomorrow-they appear to be only answering phones between 10 and 3 and then it's a struggle to get anyone to actually pick up and emails just get autoresponses. I could crack on with another SAR although they might argue it's repetitive as they've already replied to it.
  2. Funny you should mention it-I have today got a letter from the court telling me the judge's comments 'there is no record of an email of 23 July 2021 with the Help With Fees application' 'the Help With Fees code was not generated until either 21 April 2021 or 18 August 2021 and so cannot have been included in an email sent on 23 July 2021'. 'If you want to set aside the order of 2 Aug 2021(I assume that's the one that no-one vhas received,vacating the case) you must make an N244 application and pay the fee of £255 or submit a Help With Fees application'. They don't even know when the code was generated and have no idea whether this was before or after the email was sent to them...
  3. A new letter from Virgin Executive team regarding my complaint. They were unable to contact me about it on 20 August (the day of the postponed online hearing) Their suggested resolution for the ongoing complaint that I have submitted is-...'to provide internal feedback' 'We hope this works for you-if we don't hear back after 28 days,we'll assume you're satisfied with everything and close your complaint'. Another letter to tell them this does not work for me for certain will be winging its way to them. What else should I do as the next step-inform the courts that Virgin are continuing to work on this complaint even after defending it as without merit?
  4. Well the fun continues. I have managed to get in touch with the courts-apparently the case had been vacated because the court had noted that the fee had not been paid or the help with fees exemption codes sent to them. When the girl looked back over the in-case management system, she could see that they had in fact acknowledged receipt of the fees code, and since they couldn't have acknowledged receipt of something that hadn't been sent, she has admitted it was the court's error and the case will now be placed on the calendar again. We await a new time and place. Odd that I didn't receive any communication about this either from the court or from Virgin, who continued to submit defences and bundles after the date it was struck out-I'd have expected them to have been in touch immediately to inform me of the fact that my case was withdrawn and they had won...
  5. OK here's where we've reached so far-Virgin apparently have not received the link yet either-according to their chat, the adjudicator will send the link to me and then to Virgin. The court has not replied to the emails and neither has Nicola and her crew. Virgin apparently has no way of contacting their legal team(!) and the person on the Executive Team who is dealing with this case is on annual leave until the 4th September. If no-one receives the link and turns up, then what is the procedure? Once 10am hits, I will call the court and make sure I get someone there who can answer exactly what is going on.
  6. Mobile will be on and I shall be emailing the court and Virgin tonight and tomorrow morning and as soon as court lines open at 10am I shall be calling them- I was calling constantly today but no-one was picking up. I was hoping that the court would have everything in order and have the details ready which is why I didn't panic at the beginning of the week when I hadn't heard anything.
  7. We have hit a little snag-the hearing is due to take place tomorrow virtually and the court have not given me any details of how it will take place-the Zoom code or room name or anything like that. I have tried ringing them today but the phone has just rung off the hook until 3pm when a message tells me they are only answering calls between 10am and 3pm due to Covid. I've sent the court an email as well to inform them, to make sure that Virgin can't win by default just by turning up online and then claiming I failed to attend.
  8. First exchange was 27/7- all they submitted for that was two statements from Beverly(on the Executive Team) and 'Sharon'-a call centre worker. This one is today by 4pm.
  9. *does happy dance* Bundle all completed and sent off,with the help of the very useful webinar. Very glad to no longer have to deal with Adobe Acrobat-not easy to learn overnight. Have confined the documents I require to purely SAR requests and their replies(or lack thereof), their defence and the written offer from the executive team as everything else is irrelevant on this claim. *after having gone to get mail, I have received a reply from Nicola Smith-apparently she wants the claim form, acknowledgment of service, allocation to small claims, DQ, transfer of proceedings and notice of hearing all to be included within my bundle too and resent out before the deadline...
  10. Also, when it states to file and serve the documents-is that just to the Court or to Nicola and her crew too?
  11. Just got to put documents in place! Couple of points that I've noticed whilst looking at their statements: 1.In their DQ,Nicola Smith says that she will be the only witness-yet interestingly in their defence she did not identify herself as being the composer of it. 2.In the statement from Beverley,she refers to at least seven SAR requests yet in their defence they only specify three were ever made(and one rejected). 3.And just for entertainment value,in the statement from Sharon, the exhibits are labelled SJ1-SJ8. Yet in the statement itself,there are only references to SJ4-8. The first three exhibits are actually referred to as JS1-3
  12. Thanks for that-very useful. I've downloaded a free trial version of Adobe Acrobat(making sure to cancel it as soon as I've finished so as not to get charged) and am ploughing through it whilst watching the video. I assume I just submit any document that I want to be considered and then divide them into suitable categories (eg data access requests, previous claims)?
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