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  1. Virgin have sent a lovely standard boilerplate letter. So generic they couldn't even be bothered to put the date on it...
  2. Well it's winged its way off this morning maintaining the original £200 as the figure and the original POC that BankFodder outlined in post 21. Particulars of Claim
  3. Just making sure all ducks in line-I don't want to find out there's a vital thing missing that I should have done before claim goes-it will be dispatched as soon as Moneyclaim gets itself sorted out-apparently it's unavailable due to updates for the last couple of hours or so.
  4. And so we have reached 15 days with no sight nor sound from Virgin,so shall I just issue the claim using the wording in the last post?
  5. Caveat removed and since having studied your wording,it fits very well,I shall use that verbatim without adding anything that may assist them. Particulars of Claim I had an account with the defendants reference number 078xx xxxxxx[redacted] On 13 Apr 2020 I submitted a subject access request pursuant to the Data Protection Act 2018. The Defendants breached the statutory deadline of 30 days and failed to make the disclosure and this failure is continuing seven months later. The defendants' breach of their statutory duty and my inability to access my personal data has ca
  6. All completed-used your wording(adding the caveat that they have also acknowledged the request so they cannot deny having received it) and making sure to not tick the box I was told not to. The second section outlining the distress I did not mean to be included in the particulars of claim just yet, but was to highlight some of the major points of distress in a brief outline as you requested. Now we just have to wait for any sort of reply from Virgin-if I don't update for a few days it's not because it's being neglected but simply that there's nothing to report until we
  7. One little brief set of particulars : I submitted a Subject Access Request to Virgin Media on 13/4/2020 which they acknowledged receipt of on 20/4/2020. They have failed to comply by submitting the data requested and passwords in a timely manner and failed to comply with my request to stop processing my data once my contract had ended. This is a breach of GDPR regulations and has impacted my credit report, causing me distress and embarrassment. They have also charged £200 for a second contract and handset which they allege I have taken out without providing any eviden
  8. Letter sent recorded delivery. Today I will be registering on Moneyclaim and start preparing- the last 2 days have been getting the shop shut down for lockdown so now that's dealt with I have plenty more time to manage this!
  9. That is correct -this is the SAR I sent them in April 2020 which they only partially responded to in June 2020. For what it's worth I included the section specifying a contract with my signature as I knew there was no such document. If they sent nothing, I would have it in writing that no such document existed. If they did send something I knew it would be a forgery-either result would have them on the hook.
  10. Hi BankFodder, The narrative is correct with the following clarifications: you queried this with virgin and they said that the handset had been bought at a shop so that they can give you any details They stated that it had been purchased at a Virgin shop but either could or would not be more specific than 'your local shop' seat racing to catch up you are claiming victory US-based it was only by June that they responded with a disclosure but which was not accompanied by a password so you could not access it. The second half is correct-I'm
  11. Apologies for the delay-Cornwall is a bit wet and windy and signals disappear frequently. The Information Commissioner has registered the complaint and it will be allocated a case number soon. I gave Virgin a week to reply and I received the following which are quite simply baffling. As I now have some time off with lockdown, I intend to get the letter of claim sent off in the next two days. Any help pointing me in the right direction with what needs to go in muchly appreciated. (That's the entire contents of what they sent me-no cover letter,no explanation,nothing else)
  12. In August 2018, I took out a 2 year contract with Virgin-pay monthly with handset included and payment by DD. Everything went fine until February 2020 when a new second DD appeared for £6 with a number that I did not recognize-as it was clearly a mistake, Virgin refunded the £6, I cancelled the DD. In March 2020 the DD amount had been added onto my main account as a second line with handset. There were now also details of a loan in the amount of £204 for purchase of the handset. I asked for details of this handset-what type it was, where it had been sold, an
  13. OK gang any help very much welcomed. October 2018 I got a letter for DrydensFairfax regarding what appeared to be an old student loan.It was literally half a piece of paper with my name and address(incorrect) and one line stating Date.... Amount Owed....Credit... Debit....Total. Nothing more-no details as to how it was made up,where it had come from,any contact details.I could have given my 6-year goddaughter half an hour on Excel and she'd have come up with something more professional... Wrote to them to tell them I was disputing it and they would have to p
  14. There's a lot of assumptions-'despite hearing a woman's voice,we are told that Mummy is not in.' and then goes to add 'it's sad when kids are told to lie like that'. Perhaps Mummy wasn't in...and the woman's voice was Granny or big sister or auntie or babysitter or the woman from next door popped over...
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