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  1. OK gang any help very much welcomed. October 2018 I got a letter for DrydensFairfax regarding what appeared to be an old student loan.It was literally half a piece of paper with my name and address(incorrect) and one line stating Date.... Amount Owed....Credit... Debit....Total. Nothing more-no details as to how it was made up,where it had come from,any contact details.I could have given my 6-year goddaughter half an hour on Excel and she'd have come up with something more professional... Wrote to them to tell them I was disputing it and they would have to provide more evidence than that.Did not hear any reply back until this weekend when I received their we-may-take-you-to-court notice.Letter I sent telling them it was still in dispute was returned refused. No email contact accepted. As I have my trusty phone recorder I bit the bullet and called them. 9 times with wait times of up to 40 minutes-never returned any calls. When I finally got through and told them it was in dispute,the call was terminated and calls from my number barred. Using 141 before it I finally got to someone who has informed me(and I have requested it in writing) that since their client is not disputing the amount(well they wouldn't would they) it is not considered in dispute and FCA rules do not apply and if I did not like that then I would have to bring it up at court. They have also apparently written to me many times to confirm this but they could not specify which address-it seems interesting that only the pre-court notice has been sent to the correct place. What's my next step-they have supplied no evidence beyond this bit of paper that says 'You owe us £x,000.Pay now' and will not comply with FCA rules on disputes?
  2. There's a lot of assumptions-'despite hearing a woman's voice,we are told that Mummy is not in.' and then goes to add 'it's sad when kids are told to lie like that'. Perhaps Mummy wasn't in...and the woman's voice was Granny or big sister or auntie or babysitter or the woman from next door popped over...
  3. Tom,I see this is your first post.When replying to a thread,it's often a good idea to see if it's current and/or resolved. This has not been replied to since 2008,so it's long dead.It's also been sorted-the poster has had a letter from the DCA stating they won't be pursuing it. Have a look for some much more recent threads to help with as you seem keen to offer sensible advice.
  4. And when I said two different doorways,there is a door at each end of each coach so there are two doors right next to each other.I believe he was trying to prevent me leaving the train-as he had stated previously.
  5. OK let me go through your points. The allegations you have made are very serious indeed and if true, which I make no apology for stating that I do not believe they are, but if you maintain the story is accurate then make your allegation in the correct place and go directly to the Police yourself. I have been to the police.They told me as the incident occurred on a train,I needed to contact British Transport Police-I did this and gave a statement and received a crime log number. If your story is true, you need have no fear about the fare evasion matter, so if your description of the incident is accurate, go and report it. It has been reported-I have been told that in the absence of any other evidence,it is likely to be a case of my word against his and so it was unlikely to succeed in a criminal charge.I am now looking for advice on the complaint to put in to the rail company. It appears that you travelled on a service with a buffet and therefore CCTV will be available on the train. When the police got back in touch with me,they told me they had no CCTV evidence available-they did not state whether this was because CCTV was not on the train or whether it did not cover it-the main assault took place as I was attempting to get out of the door and so may not have been covered.They have checked CCTV at Newton Abbot station.It does not show what happened inside the train,but merely that the train arrived,stopped and after a delay,the door opened and I got out. You are asking everyone to believe that you walked through the train, with the intention of going to the buffet car, but left your money in your jacket pocket farther down the train????? I was in the closest carriage to the buffet(I believe it is E),about halfway along.I had enough change in my jeans pocket to buy my refreshments.The money for the ticket was zipped in my jacket pocket which was tucked in my bag.Since there were only two other passengers in our carriage and they were at the very far end,and my seat was within sight from the buffet I did not worry unduly about this. You are asking everyone to believe that the Guard / Conductor 'attacked you without provocation' and maintained that attack at two different doorways on the train without any of the other passengers coming to your aid???????? The first alleged assault was when another passenger returned from the buffet car end and wished to get past.Once they had been let past,the guard blocked my way.As he pushed me back,he used an elbow to jam into my chest.By then,the other passenger was at the far end of the carriage and with the guard between me and him.There were no other people in our carriage. On the second occasion,it happened as I was getting off. There were no other passengers in our carriage by then and so no-one else was getting on or off at the set of doors I was using. You say that 'you found your money was missing after you left the train' and your wording suggests that you believe no-one else could have taken it but the member of rail staff. I really hope that you have strong evidence to back up that accusation, because if not you could find yourself in very deep water. The money was there when I went to the buffet car. After that there were only four people who were present in our carriage at any time apart from myself-these were two passengers who were at the very far end and got off at Totnes station just after.At no time did either of them go near my seat.The passenger coming from the buffet car end went straight through without stopping anywhere.The fourth person was the guard who had come from the next carriage-at several points he was either standing next to or passing by my bag. The note was zipped in a jacket pocket,so it could not have fallen out or dropped out. The money was there before he arrived and gone when he had left.Whilst there is no concrete evidence of him actually having taking the money,there was no other person in the vicinity of my bag who could conceivably have taken it.I had also told him during the argument that the money was in my jacket pocket. I am also epileptic and the initial incident had brought on a panic attack so I had to sit down to compose myself and calm down,so I was not entirely concentrating on his movements. When I was finally able to get to my bags,we were just arriving at the station.There was just time to grab them and get ready to disembark. It was only afterwards once I got to the platform,sort myself out and then get the money for the bus fare that I discovered it was missing. You say that you 'escaped' and of course CCTV covers all stations, so where you left the train and what occurred can almost certainly be confirmed. As someone else pointed out: i) You clearly knew the working practice at Redruth ii) You appear to be a regular traveller and familiar with the lack of Inspectors and staff activities on these trains On previous journeys when the boarding office has been closed,I have purchased tickets on the train-sometimes there is a conductor on through Cornwall,very occasionally they will board at Plymouth and then check all tickets through Cornwall,aware that there has been no onboard check before then.I have never had a problem purchasing tickets in this manner before,other than having to explain once or twice that the booking office was closed when I boarded. iii) You failed to meet your obligation to seek out the staff to pay your fare on boarding the train IF facilities were not available before you boarded iv) If this incident was as serious as your side of the story suggests, the Rail Company may wish to check CCTV at Redruth to see how long you were on the station before the train arrived and determine whether you could have bought a ticket. Of course, if you didn't have the means to pay that is a complete irrelevance. v) There are no Driver Only Operated trains with buffet service I think it is a fair bet that if the rail company now believe that you are a regular traveller and were travelling without means to pay and attempting to avoid a fare, they may well take action on the report that will be made by the staff on the train. It is clear from your own story that you made off without payment. I expect that some effort will be made to identify you and detain you in the future. It's likely that the British Transport Police will also be advised. The British Transport have been advised-when I gave the statement I stated that I was travelling without a ticket,as there were no facilities available to purchase one when I boarded-and that in this case,Great Western rules state I am allowed to travel without one and then purchase one from the guard on the train. Travelling without a valid ticket or means and failing to provide your correct name and address is arrestable. I had the means to purchase a ticket but I was not permitted to get access to it-furthermore the conductor told me he would refuse to sell me a ticket.I did not have a valid ticket because there were no facilities to purchase one when I was boarding.I was never asked to provide my name and address
  6. I have been to the police and reported it-I did state this in my post-I had a crime reference number from British Transport Police and statements were taken.I was told that in the absence of any other witnesses'evidence(there was no CCTV on the train and although there were CCTV cameras at the station,they would not show what was happening inside the vestibules of the train)that it would have been my word against the guard's and it would be very difficult to prove the assault. I had been to the buffet and had taken coins with me-the £20 note I had to purchase the ticket was zipped up in my jacket pocket inside my bag at my seat,so I did have the funds to purchase a ticket,but was prevented from gaining access to them. I contacted Great Western and was told that if there were no facilities for purchasing a ticket when I got on,I was entitled to purchase one from the guard,and that if there was no guard available by the end of my journey,I could purchase one at the station where I left-they would certainly investigate but the details had to be in writing as it was a serious allegation. I'm not sure how it can be argued I denied myself the opportunity to purchase-if the booking office is closed when I arrive,then there is no facility available to me.I travel to the station on the bus after work-I cannot arrive any earlier as buses in our part of the world only go once every hour or once every two hours.
  7. I had a 1-year contract with BT from Jan 09.In Jan 10,I terminated it. I terminated the account-paid the £43.29 which they showed was owing and as far I was concerned it was finished. A few days later I received a bill for £424-the entire total for the year.According to them no payments had been received.I had copies of the cheques sent,showing as chased,together with the bank statements where the money had gone out of my account. We got stuck in a loop-each time they would send a bill for this amount,I would reply that I had paid it,was asked to send proof up to the Missing Payments office, did so,and they sent another bill. Now it transpires Missing Payments had received these documents and had agreed that the payments had been made-they had cashed the cheques I had sent. However,they decided there was no further action that could be taken-so the total remained the same. I have disputed it-if the payment has been made,why has it not been credited to my account. Now Moorhouse have been in contact-I have told them advising them the account is in dispute,so it should be returned.They have responded that the debt has been passed to them,so it is up to me to deal with them and they will sort out any dispute with BT. I have advised them written correspondence only and the account should be marked in dispute and returned to BT-do I have to do anything else?
  8. I was travelling from Redruth to Newton Abbot.Redruth is a small station and doesn't have any ticket machines-it is purely the office. About 5 minutes before the arrival of the train,the staff have to go out to greet the train-the blinds are pulled down in the ticket office and it is temporarily closed,so there were no facilities for buying tickets. There was no ticket inspector at all through Cornwall(this is not unusual for them to start/end journeys at Plymouth and the staff to just be the driver and the staff in the buffet car). I was returning from the buffet car when I was stopped and asked for my ticket.I told him I had not got one with me,but my jacket was back at my seat and I would be able to purchase it there.He blocked the aisle and told me I would not be able to return to my seat until I had produced a ticket-I replied that I was not able to buy a ticket until I got back to my seat. Another passenger came past and when he stepped back to let them past,I attempted to go back to my seat.I was met with an elbow to the ribs which shoved me into the back of the seat.I was told that I was travelling without a ticket which was illegal and that the police would be called. He asked me my destination which I told him was Newton Abbot-at first he told me we had passed there(we had not) and was then told I would be kept on until Exeter,where the police would be called and I would be arrested. I stated I would be leaving at Newton Abbot and asked and was told I would be kept on the train by force if necessary.Since there no facilities for purchasing my desired ticket at the station,I had committed no offence and the police could not detain me. I was told I could be detained as even if he did agree to sell me a ticket to Newton Abbot,I would have passed the destination I had paid for. I did attempt to get another passenger to bring my money down to me,but he stated that he would not sell me a ticket even if I had the money to pay. Eventually we approached Newton Abbot station and I got up to leave.He saw me approaching the door and stood in front of it to block me,so I went to the next one down.As I opened the door and went to step down,he reached over and slammed the door shut on me,barring me with his arm.I went to the first door and went to get out.He was attempting to grab me with his arm to drag me back onto the train and was kicking the back of my legs and ankles.I managed to push him off and get out of the door and escape. I reported it to the police,but have been told that since there was no CCTV,it would be his word against mine. I was also told that if I attempted to proceed with the assault charges,they would take action against me for fare evasion. Furthermore,once I had left the train,I found that money in my jacket pocket was missing-whilst there is unfortunately no proof as to who took it,there were no other people who had gone past the jacket and rather stupidly,I had told him when arguing that my money was in my jacket pocket.Without this money,I wouldn't have enough to pay for the ticket and I feel that he would have attempted to have me detained on these grounds. What are my next steps-obviously a complaint to the railway company-what should be included? Unfortunately,most of is it circumstantial and it's likely to be my word against his.
  9. Hi Canteen,you're probably better off starting your own thread. This is a rather ancient one. Get your own thread going with all the details of your case and someone will be along to help out
  10. This gets weirder and weirder.Apologies for the delay-my computer monitor decided to breathe its last and it's taken a day or two to get it sorted. Apparently,there was no payment card registered on the account so the chap on the phone(who was to be fair very helpful),I could not have made any payments using it.When I asked him to check how the payments in September,October,November had been made,the system told him they had been made-by payment card. He couldn't explain it-none of the payments since January have been recorded as they had been made by a payment method the system says I don't have.There are no notes on the screen to say who took the card off as a payment method,when and why.They are putting the balance on hold whilst they investigate what's happened,so that's a start. Then there is the curious incident of the December payment.Since I was not able to find my card,I paid that one in cash at the bank as instructed.Since it was £50 and some small change,I paid with a £50 note at the cashier's booth,which was accepted.The payment was credited to my account,but then just a couple of weeks ago I received a letter back stating they were unable to accept it as it was 'not legal tender'. The note that they sent back to me as being rejected was a beautifully comic note issued by the 'Bank of Football' with the Wolves'manager's grinning face replacing that of Her Majesty.This is not what I paid with,and not what the bank accepted as payment-they would definitely have queried this at the time had I presented that to them.They are investigating whether somebody in the bank has switched it or if it was done at their office.Surely once I have made the payment and the bank has accepted it,that payment is made on my account and cannot be reversed later?Surely they should have queried any suspect notes then-especially one so patently not genuine as this one? So at the moment I have a payment card in my possession which they say I don't own,receipts for payments they say I couldn't have made as this was not a valid payment method for this account,and a ridiculous novelty note whilst the £50 I tendered as payment has disappeared somewhere.
  11. OK will do that in the morning.I could understand if I had missed a payment that it would stop,but when there's sufficient credit on it already? Using the DD analogy,that seems to be like saying since you didn't make a payment into the bank this month,we won't pay the DD,even though there's enough money in the account that been previously paid in. I shall check tomorrow what's going on and tell them for sure that the account is in dispute. That should stop any debt collectors turning up(good luck to them,you need to navigate a brick wall and a railway line to get into our place).
  12. Yes I told EDF and got my own new card. The monthly payments covered the amount used which varied slightly so it went .like: Month 1: Payment made £30.Actual electric used £20.Credit total £10 Month 2: Payment made £30.Actual electric used £28.Credit total £12 Month 3: Payment made £30.Actual electric used £29.Credit total £13 Until we got to Jan'10: Credit total c.£85.Payment due £30..payment missed Feb'10: Payment made £30.Actual electric used £25. Credit total £90 Bill sent for total of £107.08(no explanation as to how).Wrote to challenge this. Mar'10: Payment made £30.Actual electric used £28. Credit total £92 Apr'10: Bill sent for total of £107.08,credit on account £92-if not paid,would be disconnected.
  13. I would think the daughter has got over it now,as this thread has been resurrected after THREE YEARS!....
  14. Ah perhaps I should clarify. It is not a payment card meter and I have not inherited any of last tenant's debts. Because the last tenant had had problems paying their bills on time,the address had been flagged on their system. They would not issue a quarterly bill,but instead a PayPoint type card which I would use to pay the bill at the local store. The problem arose when I missed a payment,even though the account was well in credit.Instead of taking the bill payment out of the credit on the PayPoint card,they have automatically refered it to collections.
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