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  1. Many thanks for this information, what if it's the actual business address? thanks
  2. Hello All! Wondering if anyone can give me some advice please. I live in a flat where I am using it for an online business however it's presently dormant and has been since the start. There are no goods involved, it's just a free website. I had to register this under my home address however I am wondering if this would have an effect on the communal buildings insurance policy I have? (residential) Would it void it? Please can someone who know this get back to me.. Regards
  3. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can give me advice. About 7 years ago I agreed to take up a joint mortgage with my sibling as she couldn't get one solely on her name. I have nothing to do with the mortgage, she makes the payments herself. I have come to found out that for the last 14 months she has been making all her payments late which has affected my credit rating!!! How can I remove my name from her mortgage without causing any disruption - I wouldn't want her to become homeless for me doing this? Are there any ways? She won't be able to refinance it as her income is not sufficien
  4. Hi All, I am a newbie to this forum so it will take me a little time to get used to! Not sure if I am posting on the correct thread but here goes. I am basically looking for some advice on some shares I have with santander. I am wanting to cash them in however need a little advice on the possibilities available. Will I need to pay spanish tax? I am currently in receipt of dividends and have 100 shares..... really could do with the cash... help? Regards.
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