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  1. Any idea how quickly TOCs like FCC generally take to issues summons? Does it tend to be in days, weeks or months? Is it likely to be my local magistrates court (Croydon) or could it be anywhere in London? Any views on getting legal advice. Today I was quoted a fixed fee of £500 + VAT by one for them to send a letter and negotiate to settle out of court. Sounded like the letter was going to rely on the disproportionate effect a conviction would have on my career prospects and the 'is it in the public interest to prosecute a first time offender?' arguments. I've already sent a letter puttin
  2. Is it likely that my husband will be charged: - given that whilst under caution and feeling intense pressure and humiliation I said he knew I was going to use it; - if I plead guilty to the 'receive with intent to use' offence?
  3. Thanks Old-CodJA - I really appreciate and value your opinion. Did you send the PM? Can't see it's with me. If I can't settle this before the hearing did you have any comments on where my husband stands if I plead guilty to 'receiving a ticket with intent'? Is he likely to face action? Would the fact that I wrote to FCC explaining that my husband knew I had the ticket but not that I was going to use it contradict any plea of guilt. I'm worried that both of our future job prospects will be bleak. P.S. On the phone and in the most recent FCC letter the 2 offences are said to be br
  4. Thanks for your replies so far. Really appreciate you taking the time to reply even if it sounds pretty grim for me. My husband's Travelcard was confiscated from me so we're assuming that as it's evidence he won't be getting it back come what may. Of course, it's costing him loads of money to buy replacement weekly/monthly tickets, a sort of additional 'fine' - a point I did mention to the FCC. Does anyone know if he'll be blacklisted from getting a ticket in future? Not sure if it makes any difference but he bought the ticket from a TOC other than FCC. Also do you think if I pl
  5. Help – I’ve been caught using my husband’s Travelcard by FCC Revenue Inspectors and I’m in a complete mess! I had been with my husband visiting his sick mother when our childcare arrangements fell through at short notice. I had to get the next train back home from Kent to Croydon as my husband was staying at his mother’s and needed the car. In the rush to the station I asked my husband for some cash for the fare – I didn’t have any money in my own purse. He handed me his plastic ticket ‘pouch’ which contained his annual Travelcard, a credit card and some cash. I had fully intended buyin
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