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  1. i would of done but i was not given the chance
  2. I have just telephoned the bank they said and i quote "it is not fraud on your account because i had supplied them with my card details and because i owed them money they can pass my bank details on" what a load of rubbish!!!! is there anything i can do
  3. hi robjam1969 Thanks for that although i think it is now to late to stop the transaction, but i am gonna cause hell, i beleive this is wrong gonna do some ringing around in the morning. queen mum x
  4. i got a pay day loan in may and lost my job in june, also my home everything really. Because of not having no money they could not take it out of my bank. But a recovery company used my card details given to them by payday uk and took out my benifit money 19/10/09. Can they pass on my bank/card details to a third party, i thought that was a voilation of data protection act. We now have no money until next week and i have children. I telephoned the bank they told me the money was requested but not paid yet, they advised me to ring the company to ask is they could stop it, i done this but the lady on the other end said she could not and when they get the money account closed. Is this all legal, can other companies take money from my bank if i have not gave them permission to do so? many thanks queen mum
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